Mohaddisa Naqvi and Emily Gomez give final goodbyes

Mohaddisa Naqvi and Emily Gomez say goodbye to ASCC and Cerritos College


Samuel Chacko

ASCC President Mohaddisa Naqvi and vice president Emily Gomez salute to one another goodbye as they move on from their ASCC roles.

Samuel Chacko, Editor-in-Chief

ASCC had their last meeting on May 8, which means it was the last time ASCC president Mohaddisa Naqvi and vice president Emily Gomez will be holding their respective positions.

They both wanted to give a goodbye message to the Cerritos College students, ASCC and the people who helped them be successful.

Naqvi said that Esmeralda Murillo, the Student Events Specialist, was someone who influenced her the most, “She’s been there when there was a couple of times I had to figure out this role […], being able to understand how things work.

“Being that person to reach out to, especially at times where work is over and its 5 p.m. kind of thing,” the ASCC president added.

She mentioned that tons of people had influence over her, whether it’s the Dean of Student Services, Elizabeth Miller; her vice president Emily Gomez; Christopher Dela Cruz, the Student Activities Coordinator and the Chief Justice for ASCC, Bryce Trevino.

Gomez said that one of her first professors, Joy Tshako, “built a gateway” for her to join student life.

“I joined the environmental club and ASCC right after so she really helped me find my place here at Cerritos,” Vice President Gomez said.

She added that Dean Miller, her advisor for the year, also played a huge role in her development, “She’s just an amazing person to look up to, she’s a really strong person and a really strong woman […] I admire her in so many ways.”

Her partner and president of ASCC, Naqvi, is also someone she admires, “You’ve grown so much this past year and I’m so glad we decided to do this together.”

Mohaddisa Naqvi and vice president Emily Gomez pose for a headshot on May 12. (Samuel Chacko)

The president for ASCC said she’ll still be working in the Library at Cerritos College, take a few classes and go to Long Beach.

“I want to thank everyone […] for being a community […] for Emily, just being there and having that support. When we were nervous and standing up on the stage and talking to people, to 100’s of students, she was right next to me so I really want to thank her.

“I really want to thank all of my advisors, Chris, Miller, Esmeralda and Bryce […], just for having a good vibe, having good energy around the office and having it as a place to want to be,” Naqvi said.

Gomez said that she agreed with what the ASCC president said and mentioned Dean Miller, Esmeralda, Chris, Eric, Amna Jara, all of her senators and everyone in ASCC court plus cabinet and her family, “They’ve just been incredibly supportive to all of us.”

President Naqvi gave some advice to next year’s ASCC, “I just want them to keep students in mind and keeping in mind, whatever they do, it’s for the benefit of the students.”