Cerritos ASCC Senate presents creative legislation ideas


Samuel Chacko

Senator Bartholomew, the person farthest away from the photo, talks while all the ASCC senators give her eye contact and pay attention to everything she brought up during Mar. 8’s ASCC meeting.

Samuel Carey, Co-Community Editor

Associated Students of Cerritos College (ASCC) are students who organize leadership for a diverse community on the Cerritos College campus who do weekly meetings on campus.

This program discusses issues that include campus policies on how can they make changes for the community of Cerritos College or convey an idea to make situations better.

One of the main problems on campus was the student parking lot, which Senator Desai brought up the parking lot situation on when addressed in front of his peers.

“What are the options do we have if we students were to loaner car do we have to pay the daily permit or what other options do we have?” Senator Desai said.

The Majority Leader for ASCC Senate Senator Caleb Dunomes had opinions on removing excess paper from classes.

For instance, if there were unnecessary large amounts of paper with a class, there should be a place where students can shred that paper.

Senator Dunomes wants to help to bring change by making sure the area on campus is clean.

“All we need you to do is to make it happen,” Senator Dunomes said.

Senator Dunomes continues his passionate speech about trying to maintain a green campus by claiming to recycle cans, cleaning up the bathrooms (which was a success according to him) and making sure people won’t have the same drive to do so.

The Majority Leader wishes to place recycling bins throughout each classroom so that there is no excuse why students cannot make the effort to place the cans or bottles in their proper place.

There were discussions on receiving feedback from students during surveys while on campus.

ASCC believes that getting everyone involved with student activities would make them more engaged in what’s going on in the college.

Senator Desai proceeded to explain another topic in the works about gender-neutral locker rooms.

“Past discussions that the group have went over says that they are trying to put gender-neutral restrooms on campus, they even uploaded on the school’s website,” he said.

The ASCC wants to help improve the WiFi signing-in because they know it can be troubling sometimes to log in just to be logged back out due to the signal being weak.

The most interesting proposal that they have come up with is 24-hour tutoring for students, which some can’t get unless their professors were opt-in.

Listening to new ideas that this group has made good observations according to Senator Dunomes, he says this is the reason why he became a part of this group.

If anyone needs to express ideas about change on campus, ASCC is the right place for you to be.

The next ASCC meeting will take place after spring break on Mar. 20 at 2 p.m. and will take place in the Auto Partners building (AP 12).