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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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ASCC’s Saige Frausto, Selma Dweik and Jacki Scott win 2023 election

ASCC announces the winners for the President, Vice President and Student Trustee 2023 election during ASCC Cabinet
Samuel Chacko
Left to Right: The third person crouching is Saige Frausto (President of ASCC for 2023-2024) and the person standing up, the person to the right, is Jacki Stone Scott (Student Trustee).

The Associated Students of Cerritos College (ASCC) announced the winners for president/vice president and student trustee during the April 10 ASCC meeting at 2 p.m. and each give their thoughts on winning.

ASCC President Mohaddisa Naqvi announced during public comment that the winners for President/Vice President are Saige Frausto and Selma Dweik while the next Student Trustee is Jacki Stone Scott.

The President/Vice President and the Student Trustee will be serving their roles during the next fall semester in 2023.

Saige Frausto, who will become the next ASCC president in 2023-2024, poses for a photo. (Samuel Chacko)

Frausto and Dweik scored a total of 200 verified election votes while runner-ups Christabelle Garcia and Jorge Diaz received 196 verified votes.

Scott received 249 votes while Nimsi Murillo scored 219 and Sarah Orellana scored 15 respectively.

“I am overcome with jubilation with the achievement of becoming ASCC’s next president,” Fraustosaid via text.

“My main goals are to incorporate financial literacy workshops, clubs, etc,” she adds.

Frausto continues, “To prepare our students for not only now, but beyond Cerritos as well.”

“In the same manner, I plan to push and advocate for more free resources for students [… and] I strive to create a more lively campus with more connection,” the president of ASCC in 2023 added, “I plan to push for a rational, practical and achievable change.”

“What is promised of Selma and I will be absolute and accomplished,” she ends off, “We will use our platform to ensure the voices of the students are heard and concerns are met.”

Frausto’s running mate and now Vice President for ASCC 2023 Selma Dweik was just as humbled, “We are deeply honored and humbled to have been elected as your next Vice President and President.”

Students can contact or follow Frausto and Dwiek via email.

Dweik also pointed to their campaign’s focus on financial literacy and to incorporate that with programs, clubs and classes.

Selma Dweik, the next ASCC Vice President, poses during the night sky. (Courtesy of Salma Dweik)

“We both understand the immense responsibility that comes with these roles,” she said as she thanked the student’s support, “[We] will do everything in our power to serve our school with wisdom, humility and integrity.”

Student Trustee for 2023 Jacki Scott was extremely honored to become ASCC’s next student trustee, “I think this upcoming year will be my best year at Cerritos […] I think this is the push I need to become the best leader possible.”

“I want you all to know that just like you, I am a student first. This means I can relate to many of your struggles you face here and your personal lives as well,” Scott said.

“In order for me to do this [serve the position], I need to hear your opinion matters regarding your education, finances, goals and dreams.”

Scott strongly adds, “I want us to support one another and make this campus our own.”

Jacki Scott poses with two piece signs in the air as she just became the next student trustee in 2023-2024. (Samuel Chacko)

“My goal is to talk to students to improve this campus. I didn’t run this role to serve myself, I ran to make this campus a place that breeds success for all of its students,” she said.

The next student trustee said that students brought to her attention about academic appreciation, cheaper transportation and access to gym equipment, “those are some of the issues I want to tackle immediately.”

Scott ended her speech by telling students, “I would love to keep my lines of communication open, so you can email me at [email protected] […] you can also follow me on Instagram @jaaacki._ to DM about anything. Thank you for your support!”

To follow all things ASCC related, follow the ASCC’s Instagram page to keep up with everything they’re doing!

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ASCC’s Saige Frausto, Selma Dweik and Jacki Scott win 2023 election