Students strut their stuffing for Turkey Trot

Carlos Holguin, Staff Writer

As students ran and walked the course of this year’s annual Turkey Trot, donations flowed into the registration desk by Falcon Square in the form of canned goods and cash Thursday, Nov. 20, starting from 11:05 a.m.

“(The Turkey Trot) was started by the Dr. Ni Bueno (health education instructor) and the Athletics department,” explained Monica Acuna, staff development assistant. The Dance Division, Employee Development and Triathlete Club also sponsored the event.

“(Bueno) put it together so that students, staff and faculty could come together and raise money and food for the Norwalk California Food Pantry,” Acuna added.

A local organization, the Norwalk California Food Pantry, supplies shelter and soup kitchens, who in turn fed the homeless and needy.

In order to participate in the trot, students must donate at least one canned food item, but are encouraged to donate as much as they can.

“It’s a local organization that feeds local people who may or not be going to our campus,” Professor Lyndsey Lefebvre, English instructor said. “Every little bit helps. Lots of foods banks are struggling to stock up their shelves for people in need.

“You don’t have to trot! You can just donate, because sometimes people are busy. You can stop by and donate a buck, a can of food, possibly get extra credit.”

Students that participated in the trot itself could receive their own awards, including student planners and reusable water bottles.

As students crossed the finish line and received their times, they could grab water and snacks that were provided by the volunteers while learning where they placed.

“I actually didn’t plan on participating. I had a doctor’s appointment that got canceled,” Manuel Osornio, kinesiology major, said. “When I got off the bus, I remembered it was today, so I donated a dollar and went.”

Osornio went on to finish second behind fellow kinesiology major Thomas Pop.

“It’s not only supporting a good cause, but to get out and get some exercise, it’s great,” Pop said.

He added, “To be able to give back to people less fortunate then I am is always nice.”

For more information about the Norwalk California Food Bank, visit their website, or find a food bank near you.