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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Two hour meeting plagues ASCC Senate

Senate approves of budget transfers, appoints three new Senators and Commissioner of Budget and Finance Photo credit: Yasmin Cortez

During the ASCC Senate meeting on Jan. 28, Senate reports brought up the issue of student employment, budget transfers were approved, Senate did not approve amending meeting time to two hours.

ASCC President Miles Aiello discussed possible hydration stations plans, Commissioner of Convocation and Fine Arts, Hope Garcia informed Senate of Miss Veteran of America, and Senate appointed three new senators and a new commissioner of budget.

Next Senate meeting is Feb. 4 at 2 p.m. in room BK-111.

ASCC Senators Aldemar Sanchez and Luis Guzman expressed concerns during the senate report about the issue of transparency regarding the recent approval for the paid positions of the ASCC president and vice president.

According to Sanchez, most jobs on campus make around $9.00 an hour while these two positions will be paid around $14 an hour.

Guzman was convinced this was not open to students and questions why other positions are not paid. This will be on the agenda for next Senate meeting as this is a main issue to discuss.

Senate approved reallocation from funds of transportation to a student initiative account, which is another task force that is on campus.

Last year’s funds of transportation were budgeted and approved but Senate was not going be using a majority that money.

Transfer funds from counseling services was officially approved with $5,000 staying into the counseling account and the rest of the money going toward student jobs in ASCC.

ASCC Party Whip, Athena Sanchez, was content with the outcome of the vote, she said, “Giving students more jobs is an ultimate goal that we really need. Transferring that money to student initiative is another way to help students. In the end all the funds will go back to the students.”

Senate discussed extending meeting time to help cover more during meetings. Meetings were proposed to be two hours, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., but was denied.

ASCC President Miles Aiello asked Senate for $20,000 to purchase five new hydration stations for students use.

ASCC Senator Joseph Fierro believes the hydration stations is a great cause and has a reasonable budget.

Fierro said “Five is a starting point and we can see how it starts and if we like we can get more implemented here at Cerritos College.”

There was no motion made to approve the plan during the meeting because there is already legalization being written to be discussed at a later meeting.

Hope Garcia, commissioner of convocation and fine arts is running for Miss Veteran of America to help raise awareness of homeless veteran women.

She encouraged Senate to pass on the word to clubs or students to help increase support and to raise money through different avenues for ‘Final Salute’, a nonprofit organization.

Garcia said, “I don’t want to ask Senate for money. I rather ask an outside agency for that type of funding.”

ASCC Senate appointed three new Senators and a commissioner of budget and finance.

Newly appointed ASCC Senator, Kadie Gurley said, “I applied to be a senator because I want to give back to and serve my community.” Gurley looks forward to representing the students of Cerritos College.

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Spring 2015 Yasmin Cortez- My Major is English with emphasis in Film/Media, I plan to transfer to UCLA next semester, this is my first semester in TalonMarks! I’m iFalcon Club’s Public Relations Officer, Secretary for Social Photography Club, and I was on the Cross Country team. Fun facts: I plan to get my sky diving license, American Psycho is my favorite movie, I was a foley artist for a Feature Film and received IMDb credits, I have a tarantula named Harry, I'm a dancer for the Pacifico Dance Company, and last semester I was hit by the Frantone's van while skateboarding at school (I was skating because earlier that week my bike was stolen from campus)
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Two hour meeting plagues ASCC Senate