Food Bank provides for needy

Samantha Vasquez

On campus many are quick to spend money on food, but they also forget to think about the students on campus that cannot afford it.

There are students on campus who are struggling to make ends meet and they rely on the school for help.

Many are unaware that the college has had a food bank for the last two years.

It wasn’t created until Nancy Montgomery, who worked at Student Health Services, discovered that a student athlete had not eaten for over three days and it was negatively affecting his health.

The food bank is located in the Student Health and Wellness Center.

Carrie Edwards, member of the Food Task Force committee, said, “Students are able to stop by and receive their food without any preliminary questions asked or proof needed.”

The Food Task Force committee was created in Spring 2014 when students voted on an integrated campus theme through a survey via e-mail.

Sylvia Bello-Gardner, member on the Food Task Force committee, said, “There were more than 3,000 votes from students and it turned out food was the chosen theme.”

The task force put together multiple activities and fundraisers where students were able to donate nonperishable goods to the food bank.”

The reason for the constant fundraising for food on campus is because of depletion of food.

Commissioner of Inter-Club Council Suleyma Castillo said, “When a student goes to get help, he will be provided with 20 packs of food to last him from two to three days.”

Castillo explained students will be allowed to go a maximum of only two times ever due to limited supply, after that the faculty will refer him to different food banks.

The Food Task Force committee has put together a Food Project Fair that will occur on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Falcon Square.

Also, the Task Force Committee put together a campus-wide food drive called “Cerritos College Cares and Collects.” The fundraising will begin next Monday.

Clubs and classes that participate will be paired up with a division/department on campus and have an assigned box where anyone willing to donate food will be able to drop the donations off.

Edwards hopes the campus will develop a culture of giving.

“I think everyone knows what it’s like to be hungry,” Bello-Gardner said. “Instead of easily reaching for the food he wants, the student should stop and think about the people that cannot do the same.”