New MyCerritos dashboard tool to aid student completion

Taylor Ogata

A new program that will allow students to keep track of their progress toward their Associate Arts degree will soon be released at Cerritos College.

The Completion Dashboard Tool is expected to be launched by mid-September according to College Librarian Debra Moore.

It will help students check how close they are to fulfilling requirements for their majors and their general education plans if they are transferring to a CSU or UC.

“We believe the Completion Dashboard will help keep students on track to complete their goal whether it is an AA degree or a certificate,” Moore said.

“This will help students plan ahead and hopefully, achieve their goals more quickly. We also hope that students will be encouraged to keep working when they see their progress bar grow every semester,” she added.

English professor, Dr. Frank Mixson, said, “While we were testing it, I had a student look up her number and she needed one more class to transfer.”

“It’s built on Degree Audit, which is a very sophisticated program that will provide students information about their progress toward completion through a series of bar graphs and course listings.”

Some students are finding it as a good tool to stay updated on their progress.

“It’s convenient and it would be nice to see where my progress is at,” Education major, Rachel Fisher said.

“I’m situated where I’m at,” said culinary arts major, Bryce Hannon. “But I would like a progress tracker to show how many units I need to graduate.”

When students log into MyCerritos there will be a bar graph in the lower left-hand corner of the screen that shows the overall progress.

Students can click on the bar graph to see two separate bar graphs, one showing progress toward the major and the other showing the general education for transfer to a CSU.

Once students see both graphs, they can click on either one of them to see a list view of what courses students still need to take in order to fulfill those requirements needed for their major or general education.