Raising money is easy as pi

Frank Rodarte

The Cerritos College Math Club had yet another successful fundraiser for the organization known as Su Casa.

Su Casa is an organization that protects families from domestic violence, which generally includes battered women and children, and the club managed to donate over $1,000.

The organization provides temporary housing, clothing, offers counseling and even helps victims find jobs.

According to Su Casa their services are practical, therapeutic, and educational.

The fundraiser took place last spring and was lead by former vice president, Elliot Olvera, who is now the current president of the Math Club.

“We have been donating to Su Casa for a few years, but Spring 2014 was my first year being part of the fundraiser,” Olvera stated.

The fundraiser was broken down into a two-step phase, the donating and the vending phase.

The first phase occurred in the month of March, the donation phase consisted of spreading the word around the campus for students and teachers to donate books, this mostly occurred via Internet and by word of mouth.

This phase took place in front of library and lasted for a week and within that week many students and faculty members happily donated.

“We would also do personal collections, where we would go to an individual’s house to collect mass quantities of books,” Olvera said.

The club had lots of support from students and faculty and received over one hundred books, and the books ranged from anything from science fiction novels, cookbooks, comic books and even textbooks.

The second part of the phase was the vending stage; this is where the club set up a booth in front of the library and would sell books to students, faculty, and the general public.

Alexander Newport is an active member of the math club and is the current historian of the club and was also a first time participant of the fundraiser.

Newport claimed that the prices of the books were economically affordable for anyone interested in purchasing the books, “If someone was interested in more than one book we would try our best to negotiate a price that seemed fair.”

The math club had some leftover books from the fundraiser that did not sell, and plan on using the books for the same type of fundraiser that will take place next spring, and will also be collecting more books to try and raise more money.