Canteen Vending machine app will make getting refunds easier


Kelly Nam

A student grabs a drink from the vending machine. With the Canteen vending machine can easily get access to services and be more aware of the nutritional facts.

Kelly Nam, Staff Writer

Now there is a way to get a refund for that snack you bought from the vending machine that got stuck.

Cerritos College has a contract with a company called Canteen, whose vending machines are the ones that hold chips and candy.

Cerritos College ASCC is working on informing students of this service so students can obtain a QR code so they can utilize the Canteen app easily from their smartphone.

By introducing the app to students, they can easily get access to services and be more aware of the nutritional facts.

Dr. Gilbert Contreras Dean of Student Activities expressed,”In spring were going to do a whole marketing campaign around this [app] so students are more aware.

“They’ve been a vendor for Cerritos College for many years now. We presented some info to the student life committee last month or the month before on the new QR code for the app so we can report any issues that come up with the vending machines.”

He added,”The QR code is going to be very helpful for people to get their own reimbursements/refunds. On behalf of ASCC we are happy to receive and report any issues students may have with the vending machines.”

The app will let students get service without having them place a call.

Canteen currently offers a service where you can look up nutritional information, give feedback on service and products and request a refund.

Tanisha, customer service from Canteen Vending said, “The answering service takes messages 24/7 from callers and forwards the message to the Canteen Office where you will get a call back from one of our office people to resolve any issues with the vending machines.

“For example, if you need a refund they will hear out your case and take proper measures.”

Many students are not aware of this service available to them.

Contreras said, “We currently have a month to month contract with Canteen Vending until the district can solidify a more long term contract with them.

He explained the difference between the Canteen Vending machines and the soda machines.

“The Pepsi contract is separate from the Canteen. Pepsi is just for the beverages. The food products like candies, chips and gum is from Canteen Vending.”

Angelica Garcia, music major expressed “If I was more aware of the app I would use it. The feature I would use most is the nutritional facts and how to get a refund in case something does go wrong with the machine.

“Sometimes the credit card part doesn’t work either. I suggest we have more healthy snacks since we only have candy and chips, and some energy drinks but I don’t know if those are good for you.”

Garcia added, “I wish we had fruit but I don’t know how that would work because it wouldn’t last a long time versus chips that lasts months. I wish we had healthier options because sometimes on campus, you don’t have time for a full meal and the only option is getting fries or nachos as a snack when you’re hungry.”

German Sanchez, recycling technician at Cerritos College said, “I think the nutritional facts are the most beneficial feature for the Canteen app.

“I am a cyclist and knowing the nutritional facts would be very helpful for my diet especially because I am currently training for my cycling team at Cal State Long Beach. I drink mainly water, I try to avoid drinking sodas because of the high calories and I don’t need that.”