Foster Care Awareness Month kicks off at Cerritos


Claudia Caceres

Marisol Aguiler, LINC Counselor explained to faculty and students what the artwork by LINC students represented. She also welcomed them to wear the blue ribbons to demonstrate support. Photo by Claudia Caceres/TM

Claudia Cazares, Staff Writer

Being that May is National Foster Care Awareness Month, Tuesday, May 3 Cerritos College hosted its kick-off event where students and faculty were able to stop by and pick up a blue ribbon to show support.

Marisol Aguilar LINC Counselor greeted students and faculty, ready to answer any questions or concerns, ultimately to put the word out regarding foster youth.

LINC students artwork was also on display to demonstrate and give the information in a visual form.

Cerritos College is home to more than 150 foster youth students currently.

LINC is a student support program for current and former foster youth.

This program helps to insure that there is a successful transition for foster care students from foster care living to independent living.

Monique Orozco undecided major said, “I am part of the LINC program, I think it is really good it helps us out a lot.

“They have a lot more things that are accessible for us; like counselors, financial aid and they also take us on field trips. […] The fact that this is available has definitely made a difference.”

Aguilar said,  “I have been working with foster youth for over four years, I recently started working in Cerritos College in February so I am fairly new. What we are trying trying to do is to raise more awareness on foster youth. I also see it as a great way for me to meet some of the foster students I have not yet had the opportunity to meet or talk to.”

“We can all learn to become supporters and be a little more sensitive to their issues and overall create a safe space for the youth,” Aguilar expressed.

Kenia Feliciano, English major said, “I work in the financial aid office so I am informed about the program, we refer the students to the LINC program just so they can be aware that there is also support on campus.”

All month long there will be programs offered to help instructors and students become advocates and more aware on foster youth.

Ribbons on trees with more information can be found all around campus, to help spread the word.