Potential homecoming court running for more than a crown


Perla Lara

Homecoming court princess Ashley Vasquez and education major Rosana Maya campaigning on the library side walk on Thursday Oct.6. Vasquez said some of the students she approached didn’t know about homecoming and “didn’t want to be bothered with it.”

Perla Lara

The homecoming court princesses had to face more than each other for the students votes, they faced the indifference of fellow students and the stereotype that a queen should be chosen based on sexiness.

The batch of hopefuls campaigned to get votes from fellow students and win the title of Homecoming Queen.

On the second and final day to campaign Thursday, Oct. 6 five of the seven queens were standing in 87-degree weather stopping students to explain why they should be chosen for queen.

All five agreed that there was a lack of enthusiasm and interest in the homecoming queen election and in the homecoming game.

Undecided major Joanne Montoya didn’t know the school had a homecoming.

“I’m not really into it because I didn’t even know there was a homecoming. I have a lot of things [ to do] so I’m not really into it. […] a lot of people didn’t even know about it [elections until now], there’s a homecoming queen but we don’t really know the people I feel like they should be more out there,” she said.

Accounting major Sergio Huitzil said, “I just found out yesterday [about homecoming elections], I didn’t really know we had all that [elections], I actually voted yesterday.

“It’s funny because I only saw two candidates passing stuff out and when I went to the booth I noticed there were like seven […] it seemed like a last minute type of thing.”

Another challenge the candidates had to face was students voting based on looks.

Kinesiology major Julia Plecnik was campaigning in Falcon Square when a student shouted that he voted for another candidate based on how sexy she looked.

Plecnik said, “It’s not about the looks it’s about the personality, and who you are and what your goal in life is [….] it’s about the person inside.”

Political science major Megan Kim was standing in front of the Student Center stairs in a dress and socks after injuring her foot earlier in the day.

Her reason for running for queen was, “I’m sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa international honors society I want to represent Cerritos in honors.

“I also want to represent diversity because there has never been an Asian homecoming queen and I want to be the first one[…] to represent the Asian community and […] the other minorities as well.”

She believes she would be the best choice for queen because of her experience with ASCC, “I wrote legislation with senators […] I’ll be the student[s] voice and I’ll work with the student senators, even though I’m not in student government, I’ll talk to student leaders to make better changes I promise nothing but positive changes here on campus.”

Campaigning in front of the bookstore, sociology major Elizabeth Aceves, was handing her fliers to students. She spent the day campaigning before going to her night time work shift.

Aceves is part of the Karbarkada Club, which sponsored her to run for queen, she is also a player on the Cerritos tennis team.

She said her reason for running was because she wanted to be more involved with the campus and be a voice for students.

“I wanted to pursue something more, I thought it would be nice to represent Cerritos and what more than running for homecoming [queen] because from what I understand you have a voice you’re part of the student government, I thought why not go for it,” Aceves said.

The reason she wanted others to vote for her was, “I’m very involved with volunteering I like to reach out for others and when I see somethings wrong or want something better I’ll voice out my opinion and not just stay quiet.”

Another homecoming princess Business and English major Ashley Vasquez was sponsored by the Black Student Union.

She was campaigning on the library sidewalk with a group of campaign supporters.

Her reason for running being “saw [homecoming court] last year and I thought it was cool, I always wanted to do that […] it would be something fun and different and to get involved with the school.”

She believes she is the best candidate for queen, she said, “I’m part of BSU […] I’m all about women empowerment and loving each other being in this made me realize that all of this is just for a trophy but I think women are much more than that

“I’m a feminist so I’m going to show that women can do everything men can do and we’re all here to do something better. To find our worth.”

Dental hygiene major Fabiola Perez was sponsored by the Dynamic Dance club, her reason for being queen was, “Running would make me be more involved in the school to see what it’s all about, what I’m all about […] if I actually won it would be another accomplishment in my life.”

The reason students should vote for her was her personality she said, “Personality is probably key.”

Plecnik has the sponsorship of the Triathlon club for her homecoming queen nomination. She was campaigning in her long sleeve running clothes because that is what represents who she is.

She said, “I did it last year and had a really fun time even though it does get competitive, even with the competitiveness you get to interact with the students here you wouldn’t even know that there here […] it’s thrilling.”

The main reason she wanted students to vote for her was because she is very active and participates in campus activities.

She is president of the Triathlon club part of Dance Club. If she won she would like to have games on campus such as Frisbee and more on campus to get students to be active.

Queen candidates Bailey Ann Spillane sponsored by the Math Club and Kimberly Zuno sponsored by the Cosmetology Club were not available for comment.