ASCC Cabinet approves Architect Club and LAMUN convention budget

Lizette Sainz

Associated Students of Cerritos College Executive Cabinet held a meeting with the Model United Nations and The American Institute of Architects Convention Travel Request approval, on Monday, Feb. 13.

Christopher Portillo, MUN Inter Club Council Representative went over his presentation with MUN Secretary General of Economics Kishan Lalla. It consisted of information establishing the goal to introduce students to the theory and practice of Model United Nation.

With the purpose to propose resolutions to the problems of the world; 20 students would be attending a trip of four-days to a UCLA conference that will take place on Thursday April 20, at the Universal Studios Hilton Universal City.

It will feature seven crisis committees, two specialized bodies and two general assemblies.

Portillo said, “It got intense from the situation of the matrix from the presentation we gave, that cost a little bit of debate, overall we got what we want it, it was good.”

Lalla said, “I enjoy the thrill from the cabinet in how it was, it was good to know they’re very thrill with budgeting the money, I know I’m a student, I’m pretty happy with the results.”

If the funds raised do not add up and are not approved each student is responsible for those $54.00 if they want to go.

The total amount asked for is $9704.70 travel request funds.

For the cabinet, it was not clear to which account the money would be deposited to if the money would have been funded. Within the clarification, it was confirmed the deposit account was not on the document submitted.

The fundraised money has not yet met the 10% and it is inconclusive exactly the date the 10% from the fundraising will meet the goal, as it went on it was said they said it was going to be raised the fund raised two weeks before April 20 and submitted. All the money will be sent in to University of California Los Angeles beforehand.

In conclusive, MUN request was approved by winning votes, six yes and five no, there was a condition for the MUN Club will need to come back with another presentation with the updates of the details that were left out from the this document that was submitted to the legislation to this meeting.

Commissioner of Sustainability Phil Herrera said, “Overall I thought this presentation was better than the other, but the cabinet needs to still approved one and approved the other one, but to government officers they are doing their job and getting things done.

“The Architectural Club for me is matter of helping out the clubs and the students, that’s the only frustration I can really show, we were unable to completely do that today, for the club sake and for the timeline that they are under, I hope they can get it done this week,” Herrera said.

Commissioner of Inter-Club Council Kadie Gurley who represents all the clubs on campus said, “I wish we could of have been better. Our battle is for our student’s success, but we are still struggling in that area, but I still have hope that we can make progress.

“I know the clubs have been working hard to have a great experience in learning new things regarding their major and going on these trips.

Architectural Design Club President Krisandra said, “The processes is pretty fair. I think a lot of the problems that the club ran into is the legislation making sure that they upload the right legislation and submit the forms to the cabinet agenda. Other than that, I’m very hopeful that the ADC will get funded for the AIA Convention in Orlando.”

Perez represented AIA Convention to discuss the spending cost for the travel funds.

The ADC is requesting funds to help them with their career, and help them network, also because the channel workshop Architect Inspector Examination is a very hard exam to pass and they want to plan to assist and take notes to also share their notes with anyone who needs them and have questions at Cerritos College.

This year the AIA will take place in Downtown Orlando Florida on Wednesday, April 26.

In Orlando Disney world there are huge tunnels underground, That is very important to architects because it is a new way of thinking in how to design and build a design to be the most functional that it can be.

The total requested amount for the AIA convention is $18,325.

Commissioner of Inter-Club Council Tania Martin said, “The presentation was really good. I believed that their trips are very fair, it gives them an education experience. One might cost more than the other one, [but], they’re both very important, especially the AIA Convention [because] they [came] several times already to get the fund for the trip to passed.”

“If they pass with the Senate, we weren’t gonna give them the approval because since the legislation is a bit wrong, they have to fix it, go to the Senate on Wednesday, and then come back to resume for another meeting,” Martin said.

For the third week, consecutive, the AIA Convention Travel Request has been will have to come back. The legislation needs to be submitted in its proper form so it can be signed. It will be resume the meeting and approved next week.