Meet the 2019-2020 ASCC candidates


Jasmine Martinez

Student trustee ballot #3: Valery Escobar.

Jasmine Martinez

Cerritos College students will be able to vote for a new campus president, vice president and student trustee on April 10 and 11.

Students will vote for student trustee candidates in front of the Student Activities Patio. The voting locations for presidential and vice presidential candidates will be in the Food Court Patio, Social Science Patio and the north Physical Science and Technology building entrance.

Q: Why are you running for office?


Omar Gutierrez-Rocha Ballot #3 Vice President:

“A safer campus and safer environment helps all of us be more successful in our academics and also in our extracurriculars.”


Valery Escobar Ballot #3 Student Trustee:

“We want to focus on everyone and make sure everyone can thrive in this campus.”


Giovanny Flores Ballot #3 President:

“One of our main goals is… safety; I’ve been talking among the senators and we… see that sometimes [students] feel uncomfortable, sometimes they feel like they can’t really walk through certain buildings because the lighting is too low.”


Jocksan Ramirez Ballot #4 Vice President and Ballot #5 Student Trustee:

“What I mainly want to prioritize on is student life on campus.”


Heather Johnson Ballot #2 Student Trustee:

“I firmly believe that there should be student representation on all levels of student government.


Kimberly Sayo Ballot #1 President:

“I really want [students] be able to be successful in what they do and I want to help them with that.”


TiNa Vejar Ballot #1 Student Trustee:

She says she is working on obtaining resources for food and housing security


Nathan Williams Ballot #1 Vice President:

“We have to be approachable to all different fields and again, at any point in time, we can’t have it where there’s representation that pushes more one way than versus the other.

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Salvador Uribe Ballot #4 President:

“[I] plan to bring awareness to all the free resources that the school provides.