Don’t push religious beliefs

Jesus Ruiz

Why do some people choose to use religion as a tool to “help” others live a so-called “better” life?

That’s the question, isn’t it?

I say that one’s beliefs should not be able to control the lives of others who wish to live life from one contradicting his.

I’m not talking about the people knocking at your door to speak to you of their religion, but the people who oppose a way of life that isn’t what they think is “fitting.”

Who is it that influences a certain type of people to hate different type of people because of what religion they belong to?

I can understand hating a certain type of group or religion due to some kind of bad experience, but it is wrong to hate someone without a real reason to hate another person.

Criticism of one’s religion seems to base itself from one others think to form their thoughts from the one that person follows, listening and taking the directions another person gives for us to follow.

These form some of the social values our religion “commands” or usually because we are more prone to listen to our parents and take their point of view.

I’ve seen this type of hate first-hand from both friends and family and in the end I still think it is stupid to hate someone else for a selfish reason.

One of the examples that show this type of contradiction against another person’s way of living is the way some groups use religion against gays because “God says so” in the Bible.

If someone chooses to live that life and makes them happy living it without hurting anyone else, then who has the right to judge how that person lives a life with or without the rules of God?

What about when one just doesn’t believe in the rules of God, but God Himself?

I speak of course of an atheist.

The dictionary defines an atheist as “a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.”

People who oppose the way Atheists feel about God may start believing that they don’t believe in God because they hate Him?

Knowing fellow atheists, I am able to understand that not all of them believe in God, but that they are thinking “outside the box.”

To sum it up, in order to fully understand how one lives, we must understand another’s way of living first before we start getting involved in other people’s lives only to contradict another person’s way of living.