Quit the excuses and fight

Andrew Perez

Excuses, excuses, and more excuses is what plagues the fight of the century from actually occurring between Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather and Manny “Pac-man” Pacquiao.

Clearly, it’s the undefeated Mayweather who doesn’t want to fight the hard-hitting Pacquiao mainly because of the reason that’s delaying the fight that the fans want to see; Olympic-style drug testing.
Pacquiao has no proven history of using any illegal substances of cheating, so why all of a sudden does Mayweather want to change the rules of boxing and undergo Olympic-style drug testing.
The problem of the enforcement of Olympic-style drug testing for Pacquiao is that it will allow random drug testing up until the fight.
Still, Pac-man made an attempt to meet Mayweather half-way by recently allowing a blood test up to 14 days from the fight, which he began with 24 days, but all eyes are on Pretty Boy Mayweather to see if he actually agrees to the fight or if another excuse will follow.
Yeah, people wonder and think, “Oh, it’s just a blood test, what’s the worst that it can do?” But, Pacquiao has been down this road before as he gave blood two days before his 2005 fight against the relentless Erik Morales.
He said he felt really sick and weak throughout the fight and he believes it to be because of the blood test. Even his opponent Morales stated that he couldn’t feel any of Pacquiao’s punches.
True, this will be the biggest fight of the defensive master Mayweather’s career, but wasn’t his fight against the Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya just as big or even with Juan Manuel Marquez.
If the Golden Boy or Marquez had their names announced in the middle of the ring as the winners then Mayweather would not even be in this position. Did I mention they didn’t have to undergo random blood test?
Mayweather’s recent fight against Sugar Shane Mosley did actually undergo Olympic style drug test, but come on, was that really a fight?
It was pretty much fixed, for they grappled and hugged each other about half the time in every round. Mayweather got another notch on his undefeated belt, while Mosley walked away with millions of dollars and finally could retire as a rich man.
Hopefully, Mayweather could put his name and pride aside and give the fans what they want to see; a fight against Pac-man.