Taco Bell meat: don’t believe the hype

Jimmy Bottom

Taco Bell uses fake meat; so what? Before we get into this, let’s see whether the facts are straight or not.

While this giant franchise has faced legal action before, there seems to be a lot of buzz around this particular matter of “fake beef”.

Aside from Amanda Obney, who’s suing Taco Bell for no money, these law firms are in it for the money.

Both entities suing Taco Bell made the claim that Taco Bell has less than 40% meat and a lot of additives to preserve it’s food.

While these claims are still being investigated it is not a fact yet. That’s why these lawsuits are still happening and waiting to be judged by the court.

Let’s look at the last point that needs to be emphasized. So what if Taco Bell meat is not 100% real? It opens up a whole new avenue for vegetarians and vegans.

So much that PETA has sided with Taco Bell on these claims alone stating on Forbes blog that most of their menu is non-meat, why not go all the way?

The ingredients the claims state are in every fast food restaurant you may frequent. So staying away from Taco Bell shouldn’t be your only goal if you side with the “What? Taco Bell has fake meat?” argument.

According to Taco Bell their meat is 88% real beef. That’s not 100%, but the Untied States Department of Agriculture states that for meat to be considered meat, it must be at a 40% level.

This rule doesn’t apply to restaurants like Taco Bell but to the meat processors companies like Tyson. The Associated Press states processed meat is mixed with different things for preservation and taste purposes.

According to experts, consumers shouldn’t worry too much about the hard to pronounce names listed in the ingredients box but the sodium intake these fast foods have.

So where does this information leave us? That depends on what you believe in.

Many people look at one source and immediately come to the conclusion that this is a fact because it’s online, or covered in the news.

Instead of relying on a source, we should follow the story to see if more information comes up.

Let’s look at what Taco Bell has to say and compare their statements with other sources. Cross-referencing our sources to reach a cross point where we can easily see truth of the matter.

The real issue is not whether Taco Bell’s meat is real or not but what people are willing to believe without looking into it.

We’ve eaten Taco Bell before this piece of information has come out so what changes now?

Either way this suit goes, Taco Bell can very well be the leading fast food company for vegetarian fast food or if their claim that they’re not exaggerating is true than they will remain the same Taco Bell we know and eat at today.

All the same Taco Bell’s food remains that, food.