EBT is misused and should not be allowed on campus


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Yurixhi Gutierrez and Yurixhi Gutierrez

Pete Moye’
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EBT is very often misused and abused by people; there is absolutely no convincing argument to why EBT should be allowed on the Cerritos College Campus or in any school for that matter.

Students are provided with financial aid already and if you come from a low-income family, then you are most likely to be granted with it.

EBT is an enormous help to people in need, but at the same time it is abused far too often. More than once I have seen people at the supermarket paying with EBT and their supermarket cart is jam packed with junk food.

The money that is provided to low-income families by granting them with EBT is taxpayers’ money and it is actually offensive to see first-hand that somebody is using their EBT so carelessly.

A few months ago the Restaurant Meals Program in Los Angeles County began to allow EBT to be accepted at 500 locations. This opened a new window to unhealthy eating.

EBT holders’ unhealthy eating habits will not only affect the people that are consuming the food.

They will also affect the country’s taxpayers once again because the individuals will not have the money to take care of the illnesses that the negative eating habits will attract since they come from low-income families.

Financial Aid does a good job at helping students out with their basic school needs from covering books to snacks, and even then they still have a quite a bit of money left over after covering their school expenses.

Accepting EBT on campus grounds is simply unnecessary at this point because students already have ways of acquiring financial help. Financial Aid is not the only help existing, but there is scholarships, as well as grants that are provided to help students looking for a brighter future.