Free food comes at a cost to education

Tayani Davis and Tayani Davis

With school budget cuts, high tuition cost and over-populated classes, In-N-Out should not be served free to college students on campus.

Every school has its own way to show its appreciation for the new students arriving on campus, but our economy is bad and it is affecting our school system.

The current tuition is $36 per unit and will rise to $46 per unit this summer.

An average meal from In-N-Out is about $5. If you multiply that by how many students there are on campus, that would be enough to pay tuition for some students who can’t afford college.

With that being said, if education is the main focus for a regular college student, then why are we receiving free In-N-Out?

This past semester, college students were seen on TV protesting for cheaper education. We need every bit of money we can get toward our education before the government taps in again. As college students we do work hard and we need a break, but instead of free food we can host it as a fundraiser.

Students would have the benefits of having In- N-Out at their school, but the money that is raised will go toward school funding. Just think about it, when you are biting into that delicious, freshly grilled burger with a side of chips,

you are biting right into your education.

Nothing is ever really free. Getting the funding for incentives for starting a new semester has to come from somewhere. Holding fundraisers by serving the same food at a small profit is much more beneficial to students and the college.

It’s time to tough it out and be wary of the economic situation affecting our school.

What is more important? Getting your education at a lesser price, or is receiving that free meal from In-N-Out that you could have purchased on your own time?