Women can kick butt too

Connie Garcia and Connie Garcia

The ban which prevents women from engaging in military combat was lifted Thursday Jan. 24, by United States defense secretary Leon Panetta, and could easily be one of the biggest steps toward female rights and equality.

This is possibly one of the best, and greatest, decisions the pentagon has made in a very long time.

Opening opportunities for women to be involved in a matter which has always been male dominated not only promotes equality for this out gender, but it also encourages women everywhere to think bigger.

It may not be the safest job in the world, but it most certainly provides a boost of both self esteem and morale.

If men have always been the dominant gender in almost all aspects of warfare and military, then how can this lifted restriction be a bad thing?

Women have been protesting, rallying, and demanding to be treated with the same respect and given the same credit and equality as men for years.

This is their opportunity to finally feel equal to the male population and accomplish what society has claimed a woman would never be able to do: fight for themselves in a war.

It is most definitely an achievement in gender equality, and could also be a catalyst which will trigger many more successful stepping stones leading up to complete gender equality.

If men can do it, women can to. This has been the message most feminists and women’s rights advocates have been trying to get through to society for too long.

Now, with this ban out of the way, both men and society can begin to see that the female population is not at all weak or inferior.

Women are capable of so much and can accomplish anything they set out to do. If that is to physically fight for their country alongside the opposite gender, so be it. They have most certainly earned it.

The world will only benefit from this decision, and it will finally realize the potential that is embedded in present and future female generations.