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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Tips on staying cool

Everyone has been talking about this heat wave that has been hitting California for weeks. With the summer season still in progress and several students suffering from seizures due to the heat, it is important not to take this heat lightly.

Having a water bottle is a good idea, a step up from that use a thermos and some cool ice cubes to keep the water nice and chilly all day. You want to remain hydrated throughout the day to prevent your body from overheating.

Another way to stay cool might be simply to not eat hot food. There has been a relentless heat wave as it is, eating a bowl of hot soup might not be such a good idea.

Instead, try eating a cold sandwich or a salad. If you’re in the mood from something sweet, eat an ice cream.

For well you have a snack craving, maybe eat a banana, the potassium helps!

In an article on potassium from Colorado State University, “It plays an important role in electrolyte regulation, nerve function, muscle control, and blood pressure.”

No matter what time of day it is, just remember to eat! It’s a lot cheaper to buy a sandwich than to pay your ambulance and emergency room bill after you faint from not eating.

Veering off from food maybe some pragmatic, stay in the shade. Go to class early to find the sensual redemption of an AC. You can also just go to the Student Center, “the hill,” or the Social Science Building patio.

You might have to share the table with someone else but meeting new people isn’t the worst case scenario. It’s a lot better than dying in the sun.

If you are one of those people that do the opposite and arrive late to class often, you also do not want to have to run across campus to get to your class.

Overexerting yourself can lead to loss of breath or becoming light headed which can result with you blacking out and ending up in the back of an ambulance.

As far as attire, light clothes that breathe are a must. In this heat, cotton is your best friend. It breathes and is a material used in most clothes so whatever you feel like wearing, a cotton ensemble won’t be hard to find.

Contrary to the old myth that black is never a good idea to wear in the sun, it is actually better to wear black.

In an article by iO9, white reflects light, therefore whatever energy that is coming off of our bodies gets reflected right back on to our bodies, keeping us hot all day long.

Black, however, absorbs the heat and the energy our bodies release. Once a small breeze hits the material, the heat that is absorbed in the black material is then released.

This does not mean wearing your favorite black sweater. You still want to keep your clothes light.

As far as shoes are concerned, wear some sandals. It might help your feet survive the daily desert training you put them through with shoes of a high ankle nature such as Doc Martins or Ugg boots.

An accessory to go along with your ensemble might be an umbrella. That way, you’re in the shade no matter where you are on campus. Depending on your character it might even make you look cool.

Another way to go is putting barely anything on! Make a friend who has a pool.

You just need to make a ingenious subtle execution of facts and some smooth talking skills and you can be swimming while others are cooking like hot pockets in a microwave.

Moreover, our school has a pool! Befriend a coach, join the swim and/or water polo team or just make friends with them.

Whatever the choice, it is up to you to keep yourself cool. There are many ways to go about it and some won’t cost you a dime.

Most of it is just common sense. No one wants to endure the heat; so instead of sweating it out, do something about it and find some shade.

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Tips on staying cool