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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Andrew Casillas

Andrew Casillas, Arts Editor

Hello, my name is Andrew R. Casillas. I’m a staff writer at the current age of 19. I have many hobbies, which I feel make me a somewhat well rounded person. Some of those hobbies are, dancing, singing, playing video games, and mainly song writing and making music. I’m a very personable person and have volunteered at the Presbyterian Hospital & the YMCA of Greater Whittier. After volunteering at the YMCA for a few months I landed a job there as a hip-hop/breakdance instructor which proves that I can dance and am friendly! To speak a little more about myself I am a big believer in integrity and self-discipline which I feel can make me a great writer and staff writer!

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Psychedelic art and its associations

Andrew Casillas December 18, 2013

The word psychedelic evokes different images for various people. Oftentimes, people think of mushrooms or drug influence. If we open up our eyes we can see that psychedelics demeanor has been around for...

A prolific seed of music

Andrew Casillas December 18, 2013
Here yee here yee adam !
Imperialistic Picnic

Imperialistic Picnic

Andrew Casillas December 18, 2013
Sharing homemade sandwiches, chips and salsa and potato with potato chips on top. The heart of the Imperialistic Picnic was in joy of giving. (time and date)


Andrew Casillas December 18, 2013

When we find ourselves in a struggle with day to day matters we might push it aside and tuck it into a corner in our mind. At Cerritos College there are many other issues going on other than school deep...

Artist society varying tenure show

Andrew Casillas and Gustavo Olguin December 10, 2013

At the end of every semester, the Artist Society holds an event depending on what ideas sprout out with the semester's group.In class, there tends to be a strict environment and students have to be serious....

New Black Flag Album called What the *&#$

Andrew Casillas December 10, 2013
A hardcore punk band and arguably a forefather of the genre..

Punt, pass, and kicking!

Andrew Casillas December 10, 2013
Raw and natural expression

Raw and natural expression

Andrew Casillas December 10, 2013

Some would argue that there is a point to art. Some would say simply sometimes it's just looks nice. However, many would agree it is unimportant as long as it can evoke something deeper within yourself."I...

[Video] Def Man Music

Abraham Venegas, Freelancer November 27, 2013

Unlike your local hip-hop radio stations, Def Man's Music at WPMD wants listeners to be conscious of the music and artists that don't appear in the mainstream. Hosted by music major, Saveon Simon the...

[Video] Def Man’s Music Slideshow

Andrew Casillas, Arts Editor November 19, 2013

An inside look at Def Man's Music on the Cerritos College Campus at WPMD from noon-1p.m., Monday and Wednesday.

Grand Drag Supreme Slideshow

Andrew Casillas, Arts Editor November 18, 2013

How to cook a Spanakopita

Denny Cristales and Andrew Casillas November 15, 2013

The Cerritos College Culinary Arts program showcases how to make one of the appetizers available on the menu: A delicious spanakopita.

Chorus teacher helps students’ harmony

Andrew Casillas, Arts Editor October 31, 2013
"The first time is a mistake, the second, sure, you forgot, and the third time is foolishness."

Project Love II

Andrew Casillas October 23, 2013
What ever happened to altruism?

The Shock Doctrine

Andrew Casillas and Sebastian Echeverry October 21, 2013
Free enterprise and then some...

Page 4 — Arts — 10/16/13

Andrew Casillas, Arts editor October 21, 2013

Dance Club is touching lives

Andrew Casillas and Amairani Mendez October 15, 2013
students dance to better themselves

Something different at Zombie Fest

Trinity Bustria and Andrew Casillas October 15, 2013
Halloween is coming up and we've all seen the same form of celebrations year-after-year.

A rock ‘n’ roller’s jazzy dream

Andrew Casillas October 15, 2013
Jim Simmons, a professor that teaches the history of rock at Cerritos College, also rocks out on the side with his band 4 Level Interchange.

Sounds of Q-dance

Trinity Bustria and Andrew Casillas October 15, 2013
“Q-dance, Q-dance, Q-dance!” was what one group was chanting back and fourth to another while waiting in line to get into the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

The ways of Mr. Robotnik

Eduardo Medina and Andrew Casillas October 14, 2013
Passion pours through the soul as dance!

Page 4 — Arts — 10/09/13

Andrew Casillas, Arts editor October 9, 2013

Page 4 — Arts — 09/11/13

Andrew Casillas, Arts editor September 14, 2013

2013 issue of Talon Marks. " src="https://www.talonmarks.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Screen-Shot-2013-09-14-at-11.24.45-AM-195x300.png" />

Art Gallery shows off Clarke’s work

Andrew Casillas, Arts Editor September 10, 2013
Artist Marisa Alexander Clarke displays her work inside the Cerritos College Art Gallery and describes her love of art.

Tips on staying cool

Andrew Casillas September 9, 2013
Everyone has been talking about this heat wave that has been hitting California for weeks. With the summer season still in progress and several students suffering from seizures due to the heat, it is important not to take this heat lightly.

Check out Cerritos College clubs

Andrew Casillas and Andres Patricio September 9, 2013
Club Day is a great time to get information about all the clubs available on campus. Many clubs were out there to showcase what they offer.
Sophomore Yoni Garcia darts down the  side line as he sparks the attack against Rio Hondos net. Right Winger Garcia was crucial in supplying the center striker with crossed balls from the outside ranges of the goal mouth. (Sebastian Echeverry/TM)

Men’s Soccer wins opener

Andrew Casillas September 3, 2013
Non conference men's soccer game Cerritos vs. Rio Hondo

Women’s soccer ready to grind

Andrew Casillas and Sebastian Echeverry August 26, 2013
After a scrimmage with Vanguard university, the women's soccer is confident about the upcoming season.
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