Understanding the obligations of an optional opportunity

Although the college experience is an optional one, the steps one takes toward a certain career path instantly becomes an obligation to oneself, and wasting the opportunity is not only the loss of another student who could have been in your position, but your own.

College is truly an optional experience in which the avenues one takes is no one’s choice but your own.

Talk is widespread of how the path each individual sets off toward is in the best interest of that very person. It’s his or her choice.

But what if someone were to abuse such a privilege offered in these collegiate institutions?

It’s far too familiar, the presence of a student who registers into a class, either shows up late to the class or never bothers showing up at all and then ends up dropping the class or failing it altogether.

This is the optional path this student chose to take, but once one commits his or herself to a certain objective and intends to go toward a certain direction with the education opportunities available at schools like Cerritos College, then the classes and choices one makes automatically becomes an obligation.

If one wants to go forward and achieve his or her respective degree in whatever field one chooses to pursue, then go after it and commit. It’s nonsensical to show up and present such a lazy, habituary attitude that should have long been abandoned in the K through 12 days.

Apply yourself and commit, because there are other students out there who would dream to be in such a position and strive to enter the classes that are required for general education, only to find out that said classes were full.

Imagine failing to enter a class because that spot was filled by an incompetent student who decided to “wing it” and just brushed off the privilege that is college, and ended up failing.

Nobody wins in this situation.

Options are prevalent at Cerritos College, and other colleges in general, and it is one’s own choice to pursue wherever he or she wishes to go, but once one decides the road one chooses to go, carry it out.

Understand that there are others who aspire to achieve college education, and to develop this understanding and applying oneself to school and not slacking off would be of the benefit of all students alike.