FSZ: Where are the best secret places to park in Cerritos College?

Photo Credit: Zeinab Chahine

1. “Probably on the side by the football field. It’s not a place where you don’t think of to park because it is too far from campus.”

Kaitlyn Gorbet.jpg

-Kaitlyn Corbet, undeclared major

2. “I park in the c-10 parking lot because it is near my house because my classes are near the science and technology building.”

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-Bishes Katuwal, Computer Science Major


3. “I park wherever. I enjoy walking and I don’t want to spend too much time looking for a parking space.”

Loyd Montes, Biology

– Loyd Montes, Biology Major


4. I have a 7a.m. class so I just always find parking. I usually park in the front of the school by the gym.”

Rafael Mendizabal, Business

– Rafael Mendizabal, Business Major


5. “ Across the street, in Home Depot because I do not want to buy a parking permit. Its convenient for me because my class is in the Social Science building so it is really close to walk.”

Atale Oliva, Social Work

-Atalie Oliva, Social Worker


6. “Usually I find parking in the neighborhood across campus. Parking in school is always so full so I would rather park off campus.”

Kaleia Love

– Kaleia Love, undeclared major