Super Bowl entertainment was satisfying

The game between the Seattle Seahawks versus the Denver Broncos was not the only thing that was being watched during this years Super Bowl. Many people tuned in for the half time performance and the hilarious attention grabbing commercials.

The halftime show was amazing and the artist that performed was Bruno Mars.

There has been many outstanding performances in the past Super Bowls; however, Bruno Mars’ performance was up there with the great ones. Also, the Red Hot Chili Peppers made an appearance onstage along with Mars, but their performance was no where near as great as his.

No one will even remember that the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed in this year’s Super Bowl because they were over shadowed by Bruno Mars.

There were fireworks during his performance, but his on-stage presence was mystifying. He danced, sang and all eyes were on him. His performance was extremely entertaining and the last song he sang was “Just The Way You Are.”

Every year, many companies spend millions of dollars preparing for their commercial spot for the Super bowl.

Did the commercials live up to the hype? Well not really, for the most part they were disappointing.

Most the commercials were not interesting nor funny as they have been in past years. A couple of commercials were worth the watch, but overall most of the commercials just did not fulfill the expectations that people were looking for.

It was pleasing to see the halftime show, as it gave time to show appreciation to our troops.

Overall the entertainment was outstanding and the commercials were horrible.