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Video game movies are mostly garbage

There have been many shots by movie directors trying to make movies based on a video game, but most of the time the movie is garbage. The movie industry should stop trying to make movies based on video games.

There have been many different movies like “Super Mario Bros.,” “Doom,” “Mortal Kombat,” “Prince of Persia” and the “Resident Evil” series. Most of these have underperformed not only in sales, but in reviews as well.

According to Metacritic, your source for ratings for all types of entertainment, has “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” the movie (not the video game) a rating of 50 out of 100. This movie gets an F. The video game that inspired this movie is considered one of the last good Playstation 2 games as well as one of the best in the “Prince of Persia” series. It is sad to see a great game get a movie rendition that does not perform well; however, it is the highest grossing video game based movie of all-time so it wasn’t too bad.

Another game that was portrayed in a movie is “Doom.” “Doom” is considered one of the games that revolutionized the first-person shooter genre. When people heard that it was going to be turned into a film, people were pretty hyped and thought that there was no chance it could suck. The reality is, they were wrong; this movie was garbage. The story was terrible and had no correlation to the game. “Doom” is the perfect example why movies based on video games does not work.

The “Resident Evil” franchise is held dear in gamer’s hearts, but for the movies, well not so much. As a movie and a video game fan, both of these iterations are great, but what do the movies have to do with the game. The story in the movies is all over the place and does not follow the original story that Capcom envisioned. On Metacritic the highest rated “Resident Evil” movie has 41 out of 100, that’s pretty terrible.

Later this year, there is going to be another shot at making another video game movie. This time it’s “Need for Speed.” The trailers so far make it seem like it’s going to be a good movie, but many are speculating that it’s going to be another debacle of a golden opportunity to prove that movies based on video games aren’t successful or good. Well we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Let’s hope that one day movie renditions of video games will be good, but for now they suck and directors should just stop and think of other ideas for movies.

Grester: Hey ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this weeks podcast, here at the Talon Marks. I’m Grester Celis, your host, and were here will Gustavo Lopez, and Luis Guzman. This weeks topic is video game sequels, our first question is; sequels that we like. We’ll start of with Gustavo.

Gus: Umm sequels that I liked… were Fallout New Vegas, was technically a sequel to Fallout 3. it was a great sequel with great music. They made it a little more interesting with a cowboy theme. Bioshock 2 was a really good improvement over the first one, and my sequel that I liked was half life 2.

Grester and Luis: Half Life 2

Luis: Cool, um… for me the sequels that I liked, I obviously liked Fallout like Gustavo. and Half life was an amazing game, and one sequel that I really liked was Burnout. Burnout Paradise, I liked it because when I was a little kid, I liked crashing and the cams. I hope that whoever does it continues the sequel. well that’s me.

Grester: As for me my favorite video game sequels were, Mass Effect 2 because that game is just flat out amazing; I was in amazement when I played that game.Jak 2 because that game holds really dear to my heart, It’s really the game I grew up playing it on my PlayStation 2, and of course Star Wars Battlefront 2, which definitely needs a reboot. That game is one of the most addicting fun playable games ive ever played on the ps2 console.

Luis: For sure man, I remember getting like hundreds of kill streaks.

Gustavo: Yeah, it never got boring, just mowing down storm troopers

Grester: And that Galactic conquest, it was just amazing.

Luis: So what kind of sequels do we want to see happen?

Grester: I think Dishonored definitely needs a sequel; that game was just really good, and I think it was a little bit under everybody’s radar when it first came out but it really needs a sequel. I also think that Tomb Raider, this new one that just came out needs a sequel. For me it was my personal pick for 2013’s game of the year.

Gustavo: For me I really think Alan Wake needs a sequel. I didn’t even know it existed until I bought it, out of pure curiosity, and it was a great story, and it was really underrated. And another sequel I would like to see, would be Doom, from the Doom franchise. Despite what critics said about the third one, when they rereleased it for the Xbox 360 they improved a lot: the lighting was better, the graphics were better, the sound was better, the dialogue was more interesting, and the music was great.

Luis: Um, for me I have many sequels that I want, but one game would be Journey. For me its my opinion, but its one of the best games I’ve ever played, ever.

Grester: probably one of the best PlayStation games of all time.

Luis: Period. I mean, I was emotionally attached to the game once I found out you can play with other people. I didn’t finish the whole game with another person, he just left, like he dissolved. I was just like, we were almost to the top!

Grester: *Laughs* I know.

Luis: But a sequel to it would be great, but mostlikely they arnt going to do it because like

Grester: Yeah, the company, it was the last game that it signed on with PlayStation.

Luis: Yeah, but if they did a sequel, you know I’d just throw my money at them, and be like, here, take my money!

Grester: Our last question of the day is which franchises should just stop making sequels or should just die, what are your thoughts.

Gustavo: mines would be, I’ve got so many, Pokémon,

Luis: Noooo!

Gustavo: They need to stop, Call of Duty, for sure. like how…

Luis: I doubt their going to innovate, because people they like that kind of stuff… What other sequels do I not like..

Grester: I think Assassins Creed

Luis: Yeah?

Grester: Yeah, I’m tired of Assassins Creed. I’m just tired of it.

Luis: I never played the game… uh..

Gustavo: The Story got very convoluted

Grester: Yeah, I’m just tired of playing games like that. I think they should just stop and work on something else. I know Ubisoft is working on Watchdogs and The Division, but Assassins Creed should just stop.

Grester: You have been here with Grester Celis-Acosta, Gustavo Lopez, and Luis Guzman. Until next time, remember to like us on Facebook, follow our Twitter, and check out our TalonMarks Website. Until next time, Peace!

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Video game movies are mostly garbage