So, no fear at Sochi?

There’s no way of telling what is going to happen in Sochi for the next couple weeks with the 2014 Winter Olympic games being played there.

America already has received threats of attacks on Americans who go to Sochi and it’s really unsafe for to have our American Olympians there right now.

In the midst of a war that still isn’t over, Americans cannot afford to fund yet another conflict.

There has been plenty of talk that the Olympics should be boycotted because of the threats, but President Obama spoke out and said he felt that it was a bad idea.

He made a good point when he said that there are many athletes out there who have put their heart and soul into training for the Olympics, but is it really fair to put citizens at risk for an attack?

According to Good Morning America, our government has already warned citizens that they should not look “too American” when they arrive in Sochi.

How does that make any sense? The Olympics are about pride in your country and rooting for your native Olympians. We shouldn’t have to hide and be ashamed of where we come from.

The Olympics have played a huge role in our society and shows how strong of a country we are.

As Cal Naughton Jr. once said, “These colors don’t run.” And he’s absolutely right.

It’s understandable that the place of the Olympics is chosen years in advance, but there needs to be a place where there is some sort of neutral ground, if ever there is a problem in the future.

There should be no reason that people’s lives should be in danger or threatened.