To oblivion with bland superheroes

The age of heroes has arrived. And quite sadly, they’ve outworn their welcome. It’s about time that this boring trend gets pushed out to allow movie studios to go to fresh and original movies.

Let’s talk about “Man of Steel“. The movie with its overly grey tones was sold as the new and improved Superman. The writers skipped the young Clark Kent growing up and replaced it with flashbacks with the intention of expanding on Clark Kent’s adult years before he became the “Man of Steel”.

The “I am Jesus” symbolism was over the top, the ” Man of Steel” rarely said anything meaningful and all he did was yell. Seriously,watch the movie again and mark down Superman’s words to the scream ratio.

The Avengers“, which is expecting a sequel, was a “hell yeah” movie; a movie that is fun to watch, but not fun to think about. Any one with a brain can destroy that movie with one question, “Wait why did S.H.I.E.L.D. retrieve the Tesseract after Captain America sacrificed himself and stood up his girlfriend at the end of the first “Captain America” movie?”

Hollywood got interesting characters and made them boring and with little character development for the sake of money.

These superhero movies also implement the “Call of Duty” effect, having found an extremely lucrative franchise or genre of movies, the industry is going to milk that cow until the people are bored to tears.

This super hero craze also doesn’t allow for growth in the movie industry (visual arts and film majors listen up). If you found a way to make a lot of money with a type of movie, would you detract from that type of movie for a new and original story that might not make a lot of money?

The film industry isn’t going to take risks with newer types of movies. So enjoy your hero movies while they run out of the artistic merit. Sooner or later there won’t be anything left for the film industry to do and then they will start rebooting beloved classics, oh wait Hollywood is already doing that.