A common misconception on community colleges

Students always debate whether university classes are harder than college classes.

Well, if you think about it, it all depends on the faculty, level of the class students are taking and the school itself so there is no right answer on which is harder.

At a bigger school, you may have more resources, more classes and more options but none of that necessarily means the class taken would definitely be harder.

How difficult a class is generally depends on the professor, and not on whether a class is taught at a college or a university. If it is the same level class, then it typically should be same level of difficulty.

Also, many professors teach in more than one school and many of them teach the same level of classes at both colleges and universities simultaneously. So, it’s very doubtful that professors would have an easier curriculum for their college students than that of their university students.

Same level classes should mean same material, so how easy or hard it is for students again may depend on the professor.

Also, universities may seem harder to past college students because by the time they get to a university they are taking higher-level classes, which would typically be tougher.

But again, it all depends on the college and university. There maybe a college out there that’s better than a university or vise versa depending on the faculty.

Some students who transfer from a community college such as Cerritos College lets say, to a Cal-State university may say that they feel it is exactly the same thing, difficulty wise. It may be a different issue though if that student had transferred to a UC, but again, that may very, depending on other aspects of the schools.

Time shouldn’t be wasted time arguing on which is harder, but what they should look at is the faculty.

Students should make it a priority to look into the faculty of the school rather than just the name and prestige. And focusing on whether a professor is an easy grader or tough grader shouldn’t be a priority, because easy or tough isn’t what makes a great professor.

The greatest professors are ethical, caring, willing, selfless and passionate about the subject they know and teach and that would be the kind of professor a student will definitely learn from.

So, if students wants to learn and be great, they shouldn’t focus on what’s harder, because harder isn’t what’s better.