Different sexualities should not be ignored

There seems to be a strange uncertainty when it comes to transgender students using the correct bathroom. An uncomfortable air from students who may not understand the concept of being transgender and students who identify with a different gender.

Add to the fact that some trans students may identify as neither gender, both genders, or be gender fluid (fluctuating between either gender) and there is a whole new can of worms for the campus to deal with.

The large diversity of gender identification is not something new either, as trans individuals have been a large part of the LGBTQ community.

To ignore a section of the student population would be a bad move on the school’s behalf, no matter how large or small that group may be. Creating seperate bathrooms would be akin to segregating those students, while making the rest of the campus comply might be met with opposition.

Of course there is the option to create unisex bathrooms for all students on campus. This would remove the predicament involving the uncertainty of who goes where.

That does raise the question of if students are mature enough to handle sharing restrooms, and whether certain religious beliefs of those here on campus would object to complying with movement connected to the rights movement.

Those students have every right to express themselves religiously, and are in no way wrong. The line is only crossed when either group claims themselves superior to the other or uses unjust tactics to support themselves

The better option would be to just tough it out and teach students the proper knowledge about transgender individuals. What the proper pronoun usage would be, understanding the basic concept of being transgender and all the options that come with it.

Teaching students on campus to be aware of the diversity we have is key to creating a stronger campus environment. Making sure no one is ostracized or singled out for who they are and what they believe, then adjusting ourselves to please everyone would be ideal.