El Chapo wasn’t such a bad person overall

Joaquin Guzman other wise known as “El Chapo” got arrested Saturday, Feb. 22, At a hotel in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

People believe he was such a bad person, but other people believe that he was a good person. As in Mexico the government does not care much about its inhabitants.

Guzman was one that would basically govern and rule a little bit of Mexico, but with drugs. In Mexico as of right now nothing else matters, but following what the drug lords say and have. Guzman wasn’t that bad of a person there were some good things that occurred while he wasn’t captive,

Guzman would protect the people around him to not be kidnapped or killed because he will get involved in the situation and since everyone would be scared of “El Chapo”, as well he would give money to the churches around his area to make it look better and have more

He was the leader of that place. With Guzman being captured more fights will arise around that area because many drug lords are going to try to fight over the territory and shoot outs will be sporadic around that area.

Guzman being capture has become something big around the world not only in Mexico. he would transfer drugs all around the world. According to ABC News, “The Mexican king pin considered responsible for 80 percent of the street drugs sold in Chicago is under indictment here and the maneuvering has begun to bring him here for trail.”

By this happening, the other drug lords will try to attack his territory and become the territory of Sinaloa, knowing that Guzman will be in the United States in trail. To pay for all the bad harm and drug that he has done to the United States.

Over all by this happening the other drug lords will make things even worse and Mexico will become even worse than it already is by capturing El Chapo.

Mexico will become a more violent and unsafe country where even walking the streets will be dangerous. Having that fear of being kidnapped or killed for no particular reason can be scary. El Chapo Guzman would protect his territory and he wouldn’t let no drug lord come in and do any bad harm to his people.