School etiquette shouldn’t be a problem

When we think of etiquette we would think most things are common sense, but no that is not always the case at Cerritos College.

Certain designated areas like the library and the student center are meant to be used for their purpose and with respect and not for recreation.

They are resources we all us as a community to succeed so why try to miss use them and block the success of others?

In the library there’s clearly a problem whether you’ve experienced it first hand or heard whispers about the infamous “Cerritos Confessions” page there’s clearly a disruptive noise level issue.

There’s always mention that there are people that rent out the “study” rooms that are located in the library not to “study, ” but to talk loudly and disruptively about their ratchet activities over the weekend.

Yes, the door to the study room is closed, but you can still hear the noise while “most” people are trying to focus on an essay or other work.

But what’s the answer here, should we dig into school funds to get better insulation and noise canceling glass doors to mitigate the issue?

No, let’s just be mindful adults toward others and that same logic goes out to the people that are on the computers.

At times when the computer lab is so packed that there’s a long line and it sucks when you’re the person trying to type an essay before your deadline.

Also the student center it not a rec. room where you can play fight with your friends, act disruptively dramatic yelling at your friend, smoke your menthol e-cigarettes (no matter how nice it smells) and bump loud music like raving it up at EDC or in some Snoop Dog music video.

Ultimately, we are all in this together, so why misuse the resources provided to us.

Tax dollars are put into our education center to insure that any career plan laid down to be achieved, finds itself completed.

We are all at that age that we all seek our own paths and even friendships once forged in the loud cafeterias of our high schools do not stand a chance against our dreams and ambitions.

Some of us go to school where there are banners, flags and the fire of school spirit roars inside every student.

Those are usually known as PAC-12 schools and even though our humble little campus is not usually televised for sporting events or hold some of the biggest protests cells, it’s still the “after high school.”

Some students believe that school spirit is lacking at Cerritos College.

Others say “is that even necessary?” Well Cerritos was designed to get you to transfer to a school where the mascot is sacred or to get your AA degree and find a stable career.

However, the question rises, “should there be school spirit at a two year?”

Yes is the answer, if we do not have respect and even a sliver of love for the home of the Falcons, then how are we to ever appreciate the higher level of education given here?

Royal blue and white does not have to necessarily flow through the vein of every student enrolled at Cerritos College, but respect for the schools inhabitants and resource centers should be the norm.

In the end, we are all in this together. Using the schools resources for the right purposes is the key.