March ends, so does the madness

If you’re an avid college basketball fan, you’re probably just now wondering what it is that has been happening in the world.

“A 5.1 earthquake? When was that? All I know is that Kentucky just bested Michigan!”

“A Malaysia Airline is missing? What is this?” you wonder. The only thing missing is your pride from the conundrum that is your March Madness bracket.

It’s OK, you’re not alone. It’s what any logical basketball fan goes through.

Every March Madness is the same. You get revved up of the prospect of 68 teams doing battle while a frenzy-induced pack of college students yell and scream for their college squads in the background of your television.

You’re excited about your bracket. “This is the year,” you tell yourself. “I’m finally going to do it.” And then you don’t and you cry.

This is March Madness in a nut-shell has been an emotional roller coaster. That is not a necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a handful.

For some, it is indeed an omen. And it’s for those sorry saps who lost out on lord knows how much money gambling over Duke winning it all (it gets funnier every year) that we countdown the 15 things we learned about March Madness.

The Ides of March, if you will:

1. Barack Obama will do anything to promote Obama Care because he totally cares about the game more than his expensive commercial.

2. Despite only scoring four points in a mediocre showing against Stanford, Andrew Wiggins will flourish in the NBA.

3. Wiggins might not be the best player in collegiate basketball like everybody thought he was. This title now goes to Jabari Parker.

4. How frustratingly tyrannical referees can be.

5. How fun it is watching Kentucky play.

6. How terrible the referees are. That was said already? Oops.

7. Bo Ryan’s tear-inducing story about his dad automatically makes him look like a good coach. Except he really is.

8. March Madness is probably the first time over half of America watched college basketball this season.

9. The surprising amount of times the term “Sweet 16” reminds me of that old reality show from MTV. On a side note, how many of those girls are pregnant now?

10. The amount of band-wagons in basketball. Oh, wait. We already knew that.

11. C’mon. Who actually fills out the bracket?

12. The Final Four will be the first time over three-fourths of America watched college basketball this season.

13. The Championship game will be the first time over — ah, you know it’s coming, don’t you?

14. The Final Four; Florida against Connecticut, Wisconsin against Kentucky Saturday is what basketball is all about.

And 15 we definitely can’t wait for the championship game Monday.