FSZ: Why do you think the suicide rate in college students is rising?

1. Jonathan Talvevae, business major

Jonathan Talvevae











“I think the reason why the suicide rate is going up in college students is because there is no place for students and even when they come to school they’re in financial need.”

2. Jennifer Aguilar, psychology major

Jennifer Aguilar











“Damn, I honestly didn’t know it was rising. I’m guessing it’s because of the stress that’s going on because there is so much to do in life.”

3. Kara Kimora, psychology major


Kara Kimora













“Also, there is a lot of people who are pressured to do well in school and when they don’t they feel like they’re failing themselves or their families.”

4.Roxy Mane, sociology major

Roxy Mane













“It’s rising because there is a lot of neglecting from parents or certain situations that students are put into in which they have no one to talk to.”

5.Rosa Trajio, English Major

Rosa Trajio











“I think it has to do a lot with the cost of college or just the pressure that not only parents put on you but everyone around you.”

6. Narina Valta, pharmacology major

Narina Valta














“I think one of the causes is stress, but not only because of things like school or work, but it can be family contributing to it.”

7. George Garcia, business major

George Garcia













“I would blame stress and maybe it would have to do with family problems. If a college student can’t find his way out with no support from his family life might be hard for them.”

8. Alba Jimenez, criminal justice major

Alba Jimenez














“I guess family issues or too much pressure from school sometimes.”