Bungie was wrong to fire video game soundtrack god O’Donnell

On April 11, legendary composer Martin O’Donnell tweeted that Bungie had “terminated him.” O’Donnell has composed memorable soundtracks for the Halo series, ONI, Myth and the upcoming game Destiny.

His work for Destiny maybe the last great soundtrack that Bungie will have.

Bungie may have made a decision it will come to regret. Although O’Donnell and the studios parted ways amicably, this may have certain repercussions.

In the Halo trilogy alone, the games were lifted to almost, divine status by the soundtrack alone. Video games can be immortalized by their soundtracks alone, take for example Nintendo’s Mario.

Bungie may have let go of one of their more talented individuals. Halo 4, which he did not compose for, was an awful game compared to Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo: ODST. Its sub par story was as forgettable as its soundtrack. O’Donnell’s soundtracks may have raised the bar for FPS soundtracks.

Can anyone remember off the top of their head the soundtrack to any of the Call of Duty games?

The board of directors at Bungie must be going crazy if they fired him for no obvious reason. Maybe they decided that they need a fresh start for their soundtracks?

Who knows, but Martin O’Donnell still stands as one of the greats.

The only good side to this is that O’Donnell may be able to team up with 343 Industries and help make the next Halo better and raise it from the bargain bin.
In fact, that’s the best thing that can happen for the 343 Industries’s Halo series.

If 343 Industries can make a great Halo game like Halo: Reach who was developed by Bungie, coupled with O’Donnell’s musical genius then it can bring Halo right back to the top.