Cons of having a fraternity at Cerritos College

The idea of having fraternities at Cerritos College may come to mind for some students, but if students take the times to weigh the pros and cons, they would see clearly that it may not be a good idea.

First off, a fraternity would supply students with many opportunities. For example, students can learn how to take responsibility and connect more with other students within the fraternity; however, they would have to watch out for the financial and time commitment.

Fraternities would bring students together as brothers; it does not necessarily mean students cannot make friends outside the fraternity.

Making friends within a sorority may seem like a good idea. It may feel great to have that brotherhood, but don’t kid yourself, being in a sorority means you can’t choose your brothers. Some may be nice, but others may not. Honestly, it’s better to choose your own friends. It is important to choose friends that you genuinely like instead of having some chosen for you. For all you know that person can be the biggest creep you’ve ever met.

Oh and lets not forget the hazing… Hazing alone can convince students not to go join a fraternity. It’s meant to be hard and challenging, so basically if you don’t pass, you’re out, which is a little demeaning for some students who cannot pull them off.

What’s the point of a brotherhood if you decide to exclude people based on what they can and cannot do?

The whole idea that it would be easier for students to get good jobs if they had been in a fraternity doesn’t qualify for a school like Cerritos College. Sadly, the only time being in a fraternity matters in these situation is if students join fraternities at a prestigious school and normally students that do join these fraternities come from pretty wealthy backgrounds.

The point is, if students focus on other things such as their schoolwork, clubs and events that interest them then they will have more than enough of an opportunity to succeed. If anything, a fraternity will be time consuming and distracting.

So no, Cerritos College does not need a fraternity. Cerritos College has plenty of better things to offer, things that will be better for students in the long run.