New summer sections proper indication of student needs

It”s more than just vacation and getaways this summer. What”s a break from college without even more college? Especially when there”s more classes.

The new summer school sections that have been added have been an adequate representation of what the students have been asking for.

It was announced weeks ago that the new summer sections were to be implemented for both sessions.

The decision came to be as a result of the Social Equality Club advocating for this change during a Wednesday, April 2 meeting, and general student demand for said courses.

As of right now the sections are available for enrollment on the My Cerritos website.

Scanning through the classes, it is evident that there are a generous amount of high-need courses.

Classes for general education that are generally difficult, such as English 100 and Math 80A are present for those who wish to be in them for summer.

This is an upgrade from last summer, where there were not only less of these courses, but just less of an availability for these courses in general.

Now those who were faltering in classes, needed a certain class to graduate or just couldn’t get a hold of a class have this opportunity to do so.

There’s always going to be issues. There’s always going to be someone that gets left out of the loop.

Not everybody is going to get what he or she needs; for instance there is only one Math 80B course available throughout the entire summer tenure. casino online

However, it’s something. Prior to the implementation of the new summer courses, that math class was non-existent, complete with the other courses that have been added throughout the new sections.

This summer, there are going to be students with butts in their seats, making educational gains as a direct result of the courses that have been added.

Using widespread methods to reach out to students and have their input in a holistic fashion proves that Cerritos College has put forth the effort to have summer school a priority for students.

The simple fact that the pleas of need for new courses did not fall on deaf ears, it’s a testament to the individuals who claim that they make decisions based off student needs.

This recent initiative is proof of that.