FSZ- Do you think campus should use more social media to inform students about information? Why and How?

Photo Credit: Zeinab Chahine

1. Diego Salazar, undecided major

Diego Salazar
Diego Salazar, undecided“It depends, there’s some people that don’t really use social media. For those that do, I would say yes so they can get more informed at times with what’s going on in campus. “



















2. Gabriel Votello, undecided major

Gabriel Votello
Gabriel Votello, undecided“It would be better if students were more informed because the students choice matters too.”


















3. Destinee Bernal, kinesiology major

Destinee Bernal
Destinee Bernal, Kinesiology Major“I think people will become more involved in school if students are more informed by social media.”


















4. LaVonte Allen, exercise science/athletic training major

LaVonte Allen
LaVonte Allen, exercise science/athletic training“A lot of college students use social media, so if you inform them from there they’ll eventually end up seeing it.”



















5. Jony Nader, art major

Jony Nader
Jony Nader, Art“As a community college we are very separated, so I think using social media in order to kind of bring us all together is one step in the right direction.”



















6. Cindee Hunter, English major

Cindee Hunter,
Cindee Hunter, English“Considering everybody is using social media, it would be a way to be constantly updated to whats going on in campus.”


















7. Lila Nguyen, Biology major

Lila Nguyen
Lila Nguyen, Biology“Im not sure what’s going on half the time, so I think it would be a good idea.”