FSZ: Which do you prefer morning classes or night classes and why?

Photo Credit: Zeinab Chahine

1. Courtney Clark, business marketing major

business marketing” width=”396″ height=”475″ /> “I prefer morning classes because I prefer to get up early than to stay here later.”Josue Solria, kinesology Photo credit: Zeinab Chahine


















2. Josue Solria, kinesology major

Josue Solria, kinesology
“Morning classes because it gives us more time later on in the day to be more productive.” Photo credit: Zeinab Chahine


















3. Nelson Cocom, Administration of Justice major

Nelson Cocom, administration of justice
“Morning classes because it is easier to get the day started plus I cannot stand night time.” Photo credit: Zeinab Chahine


















4. Lorna Laycock, Undecided major

Lorna laycock. Undecided
“ I perfer morning clases because then I have more in the day to work, to relax and do whatever I want.” Photo credit: Zeinab Chahine



















5.Elisha Davis, Kinesology major

Elisha Davis, kinesology
“Not enough people to interact with in night classes so I like morning classes more.” Photo credit: Zeinab Chahine



















6. Anthony Lomeli, Physics major

Anthony Lomeli, physics
“Morning classes because I rather get over school first and then have the rest of the day to myself.” Photo credit: Zeinab Chahine