Tips to make this semester a productive one

Monica Gallardo

With the fall semester in full swing, it is time to dismiss the parties and late-night adventures that summer brings, and get back into school mode.

Whether this is your first semester or your last, the importance of good grades never diminishes.

Like most students, I have daydreamed about quitting school and magically becoming a millionaire, but the reality is, hard work will help pave the way to financial security and achieving those lifelong dreams.

As helpful as the Internet may be, it also has a downside. It’s easy to get lost on YouTube by watching viral cat videos or binge-watching “Doctor Who” on Netflix.

We live in the golden age of social media and it’s hard to stay focused when access to sites like Facebook and Twitter are a mere click away.

In order to be productive and get work done, social media sites must be avoided, but that is easier said than done.

Fortunately, there are sites like HabitRPG, a web application that turns your life into a role-playing game and monitors your use of the internet, rewarding you for getting real tasks done and penalizing any distractions.

Google Chrome also offers extensions such as Block Site and StayFocusd, web applications that will block any website(s) of your choice at your given schedule. These applications will help you stay on task and avoid procrastination.

Keep track of assignment deadlines and test dates. Also, do not, I repeat, do not study for a big test the night before. Use your time wisely. Instead of going out every weekend, complete your assignments with ease and earn a good grade. This will pay off in the long run when you have your dream career.

If you need any tutoring, take advantage of the Learning Centers and office hours that are provided by instructors. The library also offers private study rooms and computers are available to help you finish your homework. The Health and Wellness Center is also available to help you with physical or mental health problems.

Another big issue that is common with college students is sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep is often passed off as a minor issue and is celebrated with the term “sleep is for the weak,” when a consistent sleep schedule of at least eight hours can improve your health and daily life.

The stress that comes from work, school and personal life is inevitable, but with the services from Cerritos College and web extensions that help us avoid procrastination, we can make this a successful and productive semester.