E-books lose preference poll, as expected


Jenny Gonzalez

Physical books dominate over e-books for many reasons. There is nothing like the feeling of flipping pages and opening a textbook. Photo credit: Jenny Gonzalez

Jenny Gonzalez, Staff Writer

There are a myriad of reasons why physical books are much better to read from than digital books. Physical books have unique traits that differ from electronic books; they offer a richer, classic reading experience than eBooks.

Kindles and tablets have become quite popular to read from, but it seems like a high percentage of people and students still prefer physical books.

According to a HuffPost College study, 92 percent of students prefer reading from physical books.

This percentage seems contradictory with the high volume of electronics we see on a daily basis.

There are many reasons why print is better: the old book scent, less distractions from digital devices, the convenience of knowing that books don’t need to be charged, and the primary reason-books are easier on the eyes.

A poll conducted at Cerritos College was done to see which method of reading students preferred, and with an overwhelming majority, physical books outperform electronic books.

Otto Schmitt, physics major, said, “Nothing beats having the actual book in your hands, it’s easier to look through than having to scroll, you can attach notes that are easier to see. It’s just a better reading experience.”

Two students were indifferent with the choice, stating that they would consider whatever is cheaper, and the location they are in.

Two students said that they prefer print at home, and digital at school.

The opposing digital users stated that the convenience of lugging a tablet or kindle is better in comparison to carrying actual books. This seems to be the only valid reason why these students prefer digital over physical.

It is logical for a student to want to carry less weight when walking to and from classes all day, but the choice of physical books has derailed the preference of lighter material.

Books will always be a part of our lives, the way we choose to read should not derail our choice to read, but should improve the quality of experience for us.

Physical books will not always be preferred by society; as the technology for digital reading improves, so will our opinion towards eBooks, but for now we will revel in the fact that physical books still win the poll.