The Olympics are not important

Jenny Gonzalez

Indifference to the Olympics doesn’t even begin to cover the harsh irrelevance for this exhausting frenzy.

Knowing that the Games are ending soon is comforting because although they are a long-standing tradition, they are also a huge waste of time and money.

All the Olympics really do is advertise products or celebrity names, like any other event, but hosting the Olympics in Brazil is problematic because Brazil is currently in a recession.

Many will speculate that having the Olympics there will generate income and probably minimize the recession, but many are not willing to consider that Brazil also has to spend money and resources to make it happen as well, which means that the likelihood of a bursting economy is slim.

The Olympics demonstrate athletic competence and allows for the world to see that. The athletes work under extreme situations to even qualify to compete. Time, money and resources are spent day in and day out to showcase what human ability has to offer.

For the athletes, this must be a dream come true. They are able to perform and prove to the world how talented and committed they are, but it just seems to be too glorified to be able to properly enjoy. There is so much more involved than mere determination; you also need the right publicist.

Some people want to watch the Olympics without having to advertise who they are supporting. If they are not supporting anyone, but watching merely for amusement, run the risk of being scolded by a fan.

At the end of the day, whoever you support is not as important as the event itself.

Supporting all countries and sports should really be the main priority because even though it is cut-throat competition and “the point of competition is to have only one winner”, excessive enthusiasm is unnecessary.