I got no boobs to hold my phone

Bianca Martinez

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Tits, tatas, jugs, gazungas, chichis, boobs, fun bags; these are the words that most of us use to describe breasts.

But why? Why should we belittle such a fascinating landmark of the female anatomy?

Media, such as television and magazines, overtly sexualizes breasts causing mainstream society to adopt that same mentality.

Don’t get me wrong, breasts are beautiful.

In fact, all breasts are beautiful.

However, while society was busy at work with sexualizing breasts, they didn’t forget to toss in the phrase “Bigger is better,” resulting in women and young girls experiencing thoughts of insecurity.

As a young woman, especially one who experiences thoughts and feelings of insecurity and low self esteem, I constantly struggle with the thought that my breasts aren’t big enough, full enough or perky enough.

In the few times where I do feel comfortable in my skin and want to show off my body, I am always reluctant.

Breasts are an amazing structure, it should be displayed if that is what the individual feels.

There are groups of people that feel that one has no self-respect when they showcase their breasts, wearing solely a bralette as a top, or a very low-cut blouse.

But in reality, that takes nothing but charisma.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not that simple as just putting on a “titty blouse” and saying “Hey world, these are my breasts.”

In some cases, it takes a substantial amount of mental preparation in order to feel comfortable putting yourself and your body out in the public eye.

Especially when you take into consideration that certain individuals feel that they are entitled to stare or cast judgement.

“Doesn’t she have shame, going out in public like that?”

“She looks like a slut.”

“She must have daddy issues.”

That is her own life; not yours.

What she does with her own body is her business.

So if she feels comfortable enough to strut out of her abode, with the only thing covering her breasts being nipple tassels, so be it.

Breasts shouldn’t be subdued but positively celebrated.


The breast only belongs to the woman who possesses it.

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