Trump effects on Financial Aid

Dennis Osorio

Tension has taken over US citizens under Trump’s administration like a virus takes over our bodies during flu season, especially for young Americans in the process of achieving their education; those who care about the future of the nation.

Education, a touchy subject in America, should become one of the most important issues to focus on.

Under Trump’s administration– especially now that Trump has appointed Betsy Devos, a business woman who has no past experience in education (just like Trump as a politician) as the new Secretary of Education.

According to USA Today, Trump’s orders for education keep Pell Grants programs which are the largest expenses in the U.S Department of Education; but funds will be reduced by $3.9 billion, affecting thousands of students.

Also, Trump’s administration proposes to get rid of the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity program which aids students through FAFSA on campuses based on financial eligibility. The cut of the FSEOG will save the U.S. Department of Education approximately $732 million.

These Trump Budget changes will affect the education system by cutting $9 billion of the U.S Department of Education budget.

Many advocate that this should not happen since education should be one of the primary concerns in our country instead of unnecessary military proposals.