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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Dennis Osorio

Dennis Osorio, Staff Writer

My name is Dennis Osorio aka “Pato” (duck in spanish). I am 20 years old and I’m currently a Cerritos College student pursuing a career on Communication Studies who is interested on working on social media in order to reach the youth. I am a person who loves learning new things from different people and cultures. My interests include socializing with others, meeting new people, trying new foods, spending time with my family and friends, and altruism. My goal is to influence people in the best positive way.

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Summer lovin’, had me a blast

Dennis Osorio May 10, 2017

We are now entering that phase of the semester in which we turn into lazy procrastinating zombie-like students. Let’s face it, the last few weeks of the semester are always the hardest. We have...

Anthropology major Charles Petersen, protesting the Center for Bio-Ethical Reforms anti-abortion demonstration at Cerritos College on Monday. Petersen is a transgender student that values the freedom of choice. Photo credit: David Jenkins

Transgendered student enjoying acceptance

Dennis Osorio May 10, 2017

It seems we are living in a retrograde society at this point of the 21st century, where we have homophobic representatives and citizens that do not protect and respect other people’s choices and beliefs...

Trump effects on Financial Aid

Dennis Osorio May 7, 2017

Tension has taken over US citizens under Trump's administration like a virus takes over our bodies during flu season, especially for young Americans in the process of achieving their education; those who...

Reading a book is enriching for the mind

Dennis Osorio May 7, 2017

We are autonomous and we are free.We have the choice to open up our minds and let them expand. I think the stupidest thing humans of this Earth can do is to close themselves to millions of possibilities...

Students talk about Financial Aid

Dennis Osorio May 2, 2017

A college career is the next step a student usually takes after concluding with high school in order to pursue a career of their interest and preference or to further their education.How am I supposed...

Boobs, butt or face? Arms, chest or back? What do you look at first?

Natasha Molina and Dennis Osorio April 19, 2017

  Maurcio Bustamante studio arts major, "First thing I notice is probably face, but I like boobs because its my personal preference."   Trayvon Sperling undecided major, "I...

John Glenn High School jazz on ensemble in its entirety during the Jazz Exchange Concert on Wednesday, April 5 held in the Student Center. Student solos such as Giselle Gaspars Alto Sax Solo delighted the audience. Photo credit: Dennis Osorio

Music department brings jazz culture to Cerritos College

Marck Parra and Dennis Osorio April 11, 2017

The Cerritos College Music Department and The ASCC presented a Jazz Exchange Concert on Wednesday, April 5 held at the Student Center to a packed crowd of jazz enthusiasts. The concert featured a lineup...

Free Speech Zone: How does receiving financial aid affect you?

Briana Velarde and Dennis Osorio April 5, 2017

Carlos Zamora, physical therapy major "If it wasn't because of FAFSA, I wouldn't come here. My family doesn't have money and since I just got out of high school FAFSA has helped me come here."Viridiana...

Student uses disadvantages as motivation

Dennis Osorio April 4, 2017

College students struggle throughout their career, from choosing majors to struggling with a subject one might not be good at. The pressure that a student goes through is quite a challenge for many.Many...

Student Showcase sheds light on Applied Music Program

Dennis Osorio April 3, 2017

The college hosted a classical music show case on Thursday, March 30, to show family members and other audiences the applied students who were awarded with scholarships such as the Scott Henderson Memorial...

Campus event highlights historic women figures

Dennis Osorio March 14, 2017

Commemorating International Women’s Day, which is celebrated every year on March 8, Cerritos College faculty and students have come together to host a broad amount of events involving female recognition....

Campus police extends amiability to students

Dennis Osorio March 6, 2017

Students had the opportunity to hang out, drink coffee, eat a pastry and simply have a talk with those responsible in ensuring that the campus and its students are safe; campus police and its cadets. Coffee...

Free Speech Zone: What do you hate the most about Trump?

Dennis Osorio February 28, 2017

Culinary arts major Jorge Castanon said, “He’s not open to other opinions, he is not open minded and he is very selfish.” Engineering major Alma Carrera said, “The unwillingness...

Studio art major Alexis Rivera painted this mural at a small local business in Cerritos called North Shore Poke. The mural is one of eight in the social media contest. Photo credit: David Jenkins

North Shore Poke mural

Dennis Osorio February 14, 2017

Studio art major Alexis Rivera, was among six other students chosen by Cerritos College Art Gallery curator James MacDevitt to be able to paint murals at different local restaurants. Rivera was given...

Clubs encourage new members

Dennis Osorio February 14, 2017

The campus of Cerritos College welcomed camaraderie and unity via its semesterly Welcome/Club Info Day and Night.Welcome Day being held on Wednesday, Feb. 8 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. and Welcome Night Thursday,...

Black history goes mobile

Dennis Osorio February 3, 2017

The Black History 101 Mobile Museum featuring, “The 3 M’s: Martin, Motown, and Michael” in honor of the celebration of the Black History Month was hosted for the first time at Cerritos...

The audience at the Club Advisory Reception enjoying the vast performances held in the Student Center. The Cerritos College Culinary Arts Department provided the tasty meals for the events. Photo credit: Dennis Osorio

Club Adviser Reception kicks off with musical talents

Marck Parra and Dennis Osorio February 2, 2017

Cerritos College ASCC held a very music-oriented Club Advisor Reception on Wednesday, Jan. 25.The event kicked off with a solo vocalist covering Gloria Gaynor's disco classic "I Will Survive", followed...

Computer software engineering major Abraham Lopez rocking his soft-grunge outfit. Photo credit: Dennis Osorio

Ballin’ on a budget

Dennis Osorio, Staff Writer January 26, 2017

Living in the 21st century, young college students, males and females way of dressing has evolved from generation to generation and molded by the mainstream popular culture, social expectations, ideals,...

College students are the real expert jugglers

Dennis Osorio January 19, 2017

Life as a student comes along with a lot of responsibilities. It's a balancing act of keeping up to date with classes, work and a social life. People can get torn between trying to live a normal college...

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