Hypocritical pacifist-apologetics for totalitarianism on the left lead to a loss of lives

David Jenkins

The left has become increasingly annoying with its anti-war rhetoric, that it has for a long time now morphed into masochism and self-hatred.

Whenever the United States (and the West in general) speaks boldly against dictatorships around the world, the cries of supposed humanitarians begin to shout and accuse the United States of being imperialist, without knowing what the word actually implicates.

Many seem to be pacifist only when it comes to wars and tough talk engaged by the West, but for any other country such The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) they’ll spit out their cheap propaganda that one side is just as bad as the other and will only spout their disapproval towards the US.

The fraudulent pacifists who do this don’t understand the distinction between imperialism and interventionism.

If war with the DPRK ever breaks out, which is highly probable right now — it will not be in the under ideals of imperialism, but instead under the ideals of interventionism.

Intervening and stopping their thirst of nuclear power and gardening enough of it to threaten any country in the world; or stopping them from making a smarter move, which is selling it to our enemies.

Similar things can be said about the Islamic Fascists known as ISIS, who don’t recognize certain borders such as Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and other middle eastern borders.

They believe these to be barriers that ought to be broken down and come together under one theoretic rule; known as the Caliphate; and they’ll do it by force.

Does that not sound familiar? It should, because it’s imperialism and done so in the Islamic form; but are the cries and moaning of the pacifists loud enough to be heard to screech the ears? Of course not.

When one points out this hypocrisy, they’ll start playing their intellectual strategy of capitulation, begin to deflect and in some form or fashion bring the conversation to past western imperialism.

A lazy form of moral and cultural relativism has creeped into the left’s rhetoric and has made its stay. The pacifists will look at all cultures as equally good, but refuse to look at all cultures as equally reprehensible.

True liberalism will look at the atrocities of certain middle eastern governments and the DPRK and would want nothing more than to stop it and bring the same rights that you have to its citizens, bringing it to a diverse group of people.

What liberalism doesn’t do is look at those atrocities, shrug its shoulders and pretend as if our country does the same thing or does it in the same degree. The concept of equality seems to diminish when it comes to non-western countries.

Stop deflecting and making excuses for totalitarianism and dictatorships. You can critique our current administration while simultaneously criticizing outside regimes.

It’s not difficult ladies and gentlemen, it is however difficult if you despise western democracy.