The Envelope: Deferring blame is for cucks

Benjamin Garcia

Ever notice how the people who say that they are color blind, are quite possibly the most underratedly racist people you know?

That is by no coincidence — it’s because calling yourself inherently tolerant is all too convenient a way out for when you might say something akin to, “This particular street in Cerritos is sketchy.”

It doesn’t matter how many times you call Latin American women “chica” or mention that you love Selena Quintanilla — in fact : that makes is worse, bigly!

What people need to understand is that issues such as cultural appropriation are minor — they pale in comparison to the larger sins of our society, of which they are merely accidents.

In addition to this, none of your tweets or Tumblr posts matter if you are not out in the streets being a public nuisance because of the outrage you feel in response to the atrocities that still happen in our society.

These atrocities include (but are by no means at all limited to):

  • Violence against women — especially sexual violence, especially against First Nation women and trans-women
  • Genocide against people of color at the hands of members of law enforcement; paired with an unjust justice system that has made the United States of America the highest in imprisoned people, also due to white racists at the helm of the private prison industry
  • Genocide against civilians in developing nations that the military complex deemed fair game to bomb, poison, shoot at, etc.
  • Bullying in schools paired with the absolutely depressing lack of mental healthcare available, especially to disenfranchised people

As it turns out, Dale Carnegie got a couple rather prevalent points wrong in his seminal self-help book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

Honesty and fair-dealing are paramount for a person’s reputation.

If you can fake these qualities, you have it made (like how Hillary Rodman Clinton could have had it). If you can’t, you shouldn’t even try.

Socially, being so nice that it comes off as insincere (whether or not it is actually disingenuous or not) is the same thing as being rude.

This extends to such daily happenings as the collective population of gays’ seemingly biological need to over-emphasize the supposedly exquisite beauty of quite possibly every trans-woman in pop culture today, whether or not said beauty is founded in traditional beauty standards or not.

Though this tendency of the homosexual population does not come from a place of malice, it is still sexism similar to the mainstream media forever commending the fashion choices of such a “blazer aficionado” Clinton.

In the same way that gays both over-sexualize trans-women and express extreme prejudice against them on Grindr, so-called “social justice warriors” on the internet express supposedly “radical views” (known to more civil people as “common decency” and “compassion”) for show only — and very poorly at that.

Who cares if Kylie Jenner “stole” camouflage from Black people? If you follow that logic, Black people stole it from the military — who, in turn, stole it from American Indians.

If you truly cared about trans rights, you would elect more trans people to public office and care less about following them on instagram.

If you truly cared about Black people you would focus your efforts on the problem revolving around how AIDS is a leading cause of death in African-Americans (especially in young women), according to the CDC. Don’t dox me!

It’s time the left worries less about internet rhetoric and more about helping people.

These social justice warriors — “cucks,” if you will — are the real problem with The Democratic Party because it’s a mask and shield for the corruption to hide behind.

They are the weak links, memes and political disability associated with what was once the party for real change in our nation.