Letter to the Editor: Covid-19 Pandemic, Effects of Distance Learning

Dear Editor,
As Covid-19 cases continue to increase at an alarming rate, the pandemic has caused Los Angeles Unified School District to make a difficult decision and opted to continue with distance learning for the upcoming Fall 2020 semester. The district’s decision will affect many families in the way that they will manage the demands of work and their children’s educational needs. This will exacerbate strained schedules, create more uncertainty and provoke a colliding of worlds between all family members. In addition, children’s learning routines and peer social interactions may be disrupted. Most families will need reliable childcare, technology, and internet services in order to adequately support their children with distance learning. Parents must adjust to rapid changes and today’s reality to new platforms of distance learning. Parents must juggle taking care of their children while supporting their educational endeavors. Communities will need to work together by having socially appropriate interactions through telephone calls, video chats, and writing letters in order to remain connected to their friends and loved ones. Additionally, because Los Angeles County is one of the largest school districts in the country, the school will need support from the government to be able to achieve their educational goals. We hope that the COVID-19 cases will subside in the near future and families can resume with their daily lifestyle and routines.

Thank you,
Josie Quintanilla (Cerritos College Graduate, 2015), Jessica Huerta, Yajaira Toledo, Shanay Lucious
CSULB Master of Social Work Students