COVID could be infecting your relationship



COVID is placing barriers that many couples have never had to face. It’s time to take a step back, and adapt to this new world. Photo credit: pixabay

Edgar Mendoza, Opinion Editor

Dating is already becoming increasingly difficult, with jobs and schooling leaving you with little to no free time.

The effort required to maintain a healthy, adventurous relationship is immense, and with the current COVID-19 pandemic it is even more so.

Take a step back and realize that you as a couple may not have as many issues as you think, as the pandemic has created hardships most people never face in their lifetime.

Even the most happy and fulfilling of relationships are suffering, and those involved are mistaking issues they cannot control for shortcomings from their partner.

All too commonly couples are breaking up due to a lack of time together, or perhaps too much time together. These issues are caused by being forced to stay inside, and is something neither partner can control.

A sudden increase in texting can often be the cause of misinterpreting tone, and perceiving something in a way your partner never intended.

Even your own stress about online learning or lack of income can be projected onto your partner, causing fights that need not happen.

Your emotions and your stress are valid, however they should never be projected onto your partner.

Look at your relationship, and remind yourself that it is always you and your partner against the problem, never against each other.

If you suffer from not being able to see each other as often, plan gaming nights or reading nights, and make use of streaming services watch parties.

Little moments like those can create great memories and strengthen bonds.

If you’re trapped with your significant other inside, you can instead remember to take time for yourself.

While yes you are a team, you are also two individuals who choose to be with each other.

You have your own identity, your own passions and interests, so time to yourself might be just what your relationship needs.

Take a piece from your friends with successful long distance relationships, often times maintaining your own identity is what keeps you sane.

When conflicts do arise, take a step back and realize, is this a serious issue, or is this something that is a product of stay-at-home stress ?

When you text your partner, use emojis and don’t rush to get a quick reply out. In this digital form of dating, your facial expressions can’t be seen and your inflections can’t be heard.

Those little emojis will make a world of difference in showing whether you’re upset or making a joke.

Without emojis, huffy becomes angry, pouting seems like being hurt or upset, and this can create scenarios in which misunderstandings happen scarily often.

For some of you, you may have needed a refresher to remind yourself that the love is still there, it’s just competing with levels of stress and worry that are unprecedented.

For those of you who broke up because of lack of time or effort, it’s worth thinking about. Look at your partner or ex and see what problems were things neither of you could control.

This pandemic may be adding stress and fights, but once it’s over, you’ll emerge stronger.

COVID is taking lives, time and money, don’t let it take your love too.