There are many issues that immigrants are facing and one is paying an unnecessary large amount of money just to become a citizen in the United States. 
Photo credit: Creative Commons Photo credit: Creative Commons
There are many issues that immigrants are facing and one is paying an unnecessary large amount of money just to become a citizen in the United States. Photo credit: Creative Commons Photo credit: Creative Commons

Reforming our flawed immigration system

Issues with the immigration system are still happening after many years, and the government is not acting quickly upon it.

The federal government is making it harder for immigrants to become citizens due to the increase in costs and fees just to apply for an application.

Immigration lawyers are announcing unnecessary strict policies for immigrants to follow who are starting an application or for immigrants that already have a green card and live in the U.S. for more than 10 years.

The government and immigration lawyers are not letting immigrants act humanly and expect them to act like robots and know all immigration policies right away – being excepted to follow through with the process.

According to USA Today: ‘The cost of applying for U.S. citizenship is dramatically increasing’ said, “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency that processes immigration benefits, says the fee increases are needed to offset the higher cost of processing applications for immigration benefits.”

“Including the Trump administration’s attempt to crack down on fraud and increase the vetting of immigrants applying for benefits,” USA today said.

What if the government is the one committing fraud against immigrants?

Why is the government welcoming immigrants to the U.S., when they are making them pay an enormous cost just to apply for an application and then forcing them into a stereotypical and unfair society?

Living in a different country and then entering a new one shouldn’t be costly – everyone is the same and no one in the world is ‘alien’. Immigrants shouldn’t have to pay to find beneficial opportunities in the U.S.

A reason why immigrants come to America in the first place is to have a better life and provide a future for their family, but the corrupt system is hindering them from it.

According to Vox: ‘How Trump administration made it that much harder to become a U.S. Citizen says, “People applying for citizenship have already been vetted at least once to obtain a green card, and often more than once if they first came to the US on a temporary visa.”

“Officials typically screen green card applicants, for example, for tax compliance, criminal history, US residence, and family ties,” Vox said.

Applying to become a citizen shouldn’t have to be strict. Due to these policies, it is making it difficult for immigrants to finish their application process and it’s costing them more money.

The immigration system is stripping immigrant finances away. It isn’t fair for them to work hard labor in the U.S. and already pay for taxes, specifically immigrants who are working for companies, and still are expected to pay thousands of dollars.

If the government is finding solutions to make the immigration system work efficiently, people who have family members or friends that are struggling with applying for citizenship should still remind the government of what is the important-the increased cost of immigration.

People need to start contacting politicians, governors or representatives in Congress and state, the consequences and challenges every immigrant faces are not disappearing. As a society we need to encourage our elected officials to make fast solutions to correct the immigration system.

If there are no more political and social issues in regards to the immigration system, it will then be a safer and more comfortable environment for new immigrants.

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