Nike and Fanatics ruined baseball uniforms

Blue Jays uniform with the writing “Ruining Uniforms” and the logos of Fanatics and Nike Baseball below it.
Blue Jays uniform with the writing “Ruining Uniforms” and the logos of Fanatics and Nike Baseball below it.
Joel Carpio

Nike and Fanatics have changed the way Major League Baseball uniforms are made and look and they’re horrible, to say the least.

At the end of 2019, MLB ditched their old of 2019 MLB ditched official on-field uniform makers, Majestic Athletics, and replaced them with Nike.

In the U.S. Nike is the official uniform supplier for the big three leagues which are the NFL, MLB and NBA.

In early Jan. of 2024, Nike decided it was going to change the feel and look of the MLB’s uniforms and they are getting tons of backlash from the fans and players.

The jerseys for the 2024 season are thinner, look cheaper and are not worth the $450 it takes to buy an official jersey.

Fans need to boycott and not buy any new sports apparel to the point where Nike and Fanatics start to lose a lot of money and rethink their terrible idea to change up the jerseys.

Fanatics, a sports apparel company known by many fans to have bad quality gear, partnered with Nike to make the jerseys for them.

Unfortunately, these companies who feel like they only care about money are taking over and ruining baseball jerseys.

Players aren’t only complaining about the jerseys but about the pants too and how they are see-through.

The official jerseys look like replica jerseys, you can only imagine what a replica will look like now if the official jerseys look like garbage.

The lettering and numbering on the jersey don’t feel like they’re stitched onto the jerseys anymore, the lettering is smaller and sometimes crooked and they are much thinner.

Angels outfielder, Taylor Ward, said to a reporter of The Athletic, “It looks like a replica, it feels kind of like papery, thumbs down so far.”

If even the players are complaining about the look, fit and feel of the jerseys you know there’s a real issue.

The Major League Baseball Players Association is now having to step in because so many players are complaining about the uniforms.

MLBPA chief, Tony Clark, said the pants issue is “universal,” he continued by saying to ESPN, “A lot of the rhetoric is confirmation that the pants are see-through.”

To make matters worse the commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, continues to defend the heavily criticized uniforms instead of standing with his players.

Nike didn’t just ruin the way the baseball jerseys look, fit and feel but they created “city connect” uniforms for each team and the creativity behind most of them is lackluster for most.

Fans are being conned for a cheaper product being sold to them at a price that warners a better quality product.

If only the MLB hadn’t ditched Majestic Athletics the jerseys would still look good, feel good, fit good and everyone would be happy.

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